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Thread: My case against drafting another WR

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    Re: My case against drafting another WR

    Quote Originally Posted by punahou View Post
    You make some valid points, but I am referring specifically to our WR area, where we have used 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks that have netted us perhaps 1 player- and thats Givens.

    Can we truly say that our WR corps stikes fear into the opposing teams defense? I doubt we can.
    I don't think any team that has basically first and second year skill players would keep OCs up at night. That said Givens gets double more often then not. I'm sure most teams that face Austin spend time during the week to make sure they know where he is at all times during the game. The success that Pettis has had in the red zone is nothing to sneeze at. We took at shot with Quick, because we created two extra second round picks. The jury is still out lets see what he does at the end of year three. If the Rams spend another first round this year on a receiver then the handwriting is on the wall for Quick. Again it's hard for me to rip the FO on Quick when they created that extra pick and then struck gold on Givens. The draft is not an exact science, you hit and miss. The goal to to hit on more then you miss right?

    We just used a 1st on Austin this year and you act as if he's a bust. He has played in half the games in his first year. Tap your brakes just a bit.

    Remember the Lions back a few year ago taking receiver after receiver not sure I want to follow that model. I would rather give the draft picks we have time to work out or not. We have yet to see Bailey, his time will come and we may have another Givens on our hands, you never know but we can always hope.

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    Re: My case against drafting another WR

    In re to Austin,

    I realize the jury is out on him, but for where he was taken and how he was obtained, yes, I do expect more from him as well as Quick and Pead.

    I also realize that extra picks were fabricated, however Im hoping that doesnt mean that we roll the dice more than usual on wherever that extra pick was.

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