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Thread: My Combine Thoughts, Who Helped, Who Hurt Their Stock

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    My Combine Thoughts, Who Helped, Who Hurt Their Stock

    While one must not drop or raise guys too much based on the combine, it does serve to better define players within tiers, and is thus a huge deal for scouts. Good workouts will send them back to film study too, of realtive unknown guys who now could get into round two or three.

    After watching all these hours of workouts the last few days, here are my views on how it went.

    DB - The top two CB and top 2 safeties separated themselves, and a lot of relatively unknown guys got into third round consideration.

    OT Clearly there are 3 really top guys and one other first rounder, but big drop after that, though lots of depth.

    G Sua -Filo looks like the best, with GAbe Jackson second, but neither looks like a first round guy this year.

    C. looks like a couple or three good prospects here.

    RB - Lots of second round guys, great depth.

    TE - Ebron by far the best, and only #1.

    WR - Really good top three, and then a BUNCH of really good high second round guys
    / late first guys

    DE - Not a ton of depth, and Clowney by far the best.

    OLB - Barr and Mack and also Hubbard, Murphy look like 3-4 OLB, though Mack can do more. Shazier made greatest move up.

    DT - Donald impressed, Jernigan held his place in round one, Hageman may have passed Nix.

    MLB - Not much here as far as top talent, other than hard worker C. Borland. Mack could play inside though.

    Here are the top 40 guys I think really helped their stock, and got themselves into pretty sure first round status.


    1. DT Aaron Donald - No one showed up better than this small, really quick 3 technique DT.
    2. LB Ryan Shazier - He's now solidly in round one after terrific numbers.
    3. LB Khalil Mack - What people were saying turned out to be true.
    4. CB J. Gilbert - Clearly now the top guy, and a top ten pick.
    5. CB J. Verrett - Lacks the size, but has everything else. Now a pretty sure first rounder.
    6. S H. Clinton Dix - Has the whole package for a great center fielder. Top 15 pick.
    7. S D. Buchanon - Doubt he gets out of round two now.
    8. CB B. Roby - Ran very well to separate as fourth or fifth CB.
    9. CB Phil Gaines - Put his name into the second round picture.
    10. Pierre Desir - Definitely now looking third round ability and first round size.

    1. OT Taylor Lewan - Definitely locked in as a top 10 talent.
    2.. WR Kelvin Benjamin - Looks like an absolute beast. May have better upside than Evans.
    3. WR Mike Evans - Ran very well, and moved great for a huge receiver.
    4. TE E. Ebron - Moved far ahead of the rest, and now a top 15 guy, the kind the Patriots may deal up to get.
    5. WR D. Adams His measuables matched his production - Solid late #1 now.
    6. WR D. Moncrief - Really put himself on the map for a late round two look.
    7. TE - C. Lyerla - Ran himself into round two or three.
    8. WR M Bryant - Raw, but tall and skilled . He looks like a good rd 2 receiver.
    9. OL Z. Martin - Solidified first round grade, as last of first tier OT that are way ahead of next bunch.
    10. C. Weston Richberg - Could be the first center taken, mid- round two perhaps.
    11. OL Brandon Thomas - Made himself some coin by getting 2nd round consideration.
    12. WR- O. Beckham - Loooked better than teammate Landry
    13. WR B. Cooks - He's a first rounder
    14. WR D. Street - Defiitely add him to the second tier WR bunch
    15.WR- J. Mathews - Another solid second round WR

    Players who hurt themselves perhaps

    1. OLB A. Barr - Clearly only a 3-4 OLB, which hurts his stock.
    2. CB L. Purifoy - Looked like he didn't prepare at all.
    3. S L. Joyner - Speed an issue at small size.
    4. DT Louis Nix - Hard to judge NT here though
    5. DE Micael Sam - Solidified only position as 4-3 specialist and had bad works.

    1. T- C. Kouanjio Reportedly failed several physicals, No way a #1 now.
    2. WR M. Lee - Still a first rounder, but closer to second bunch than top 3, not impressing.
    3. G - D. Yankey - Lack of athleticism puts him in rd 2.
    4. T - M. Moses - Looks to be a ways from being an NFL LT.
    5. TE J. Amaro - Niklas and Ebron have distanced themselves after poor numbers.
    6. WR J. Landry - Average size, ran poorly, and got hurt.
    7. RB C. Hyde, Injury may have cinched no RB in round one again.
    8. WR A. Robinson - Didn't look like a first rounder here.
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: My Combine Thoughts, Who Helped, Who Hurt Their Stock

    How did LaMarcus Joyner's speed hurt him? He's a nickel CB and a S... 4.52 is right in the range for both of those positions so that makes no sense.

    Also, I don't think Jarvis Landry hurt himself. If you watched him you would know he doesn't operate off speed. He is an intermediate WR as he stated himself.

    My Combine Thoughts, Who Helped, Who Hurt Their Stock-bhlpakkciaa2458.jpg

    Yeah, I wouldn't say he hurt his stock too much when the guy snags passes with 1 hand with ease.

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    Re: My Combine Thoughts, Who Helped, Who Hurt Their Stock Sammy Watkins anywhere??

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    Re: My Combine Thoughts, Who Helped, Who Hurt Their Stock

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Waller View Post
    10. Pierre Desir - Definitely now looking third round ability and first round size.
    Really hope the Rams draft Pierre.

    My best friend since middle school played at LU and lifted with Pierre this offseason to prepare for the combine and senior bowl. Direct line to a Rams player? That would be nice.

    The guys got all the intangibles. Smart, dedicated, mature. He's got great size/length and solid athleticism.

    I think he could put it all together and be a steal in the 3rd.

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    Re: My Combine Thoughts, Who Helped, Who Hurt Their Stock

    Watkins didn'y help or hurt his stock, because he was top 5-10 before, and still is.

    I didn't list guys who just stayed in the same ranking they were, Like Dennard, Pryor.

    As far as Joyner, that speed would be fine for a 6 ft, 200 pound safety.

    One that is 5-8 , 184 and a cornerback in college should run better, at least to be a second round pick.

    It wasn't just that 40 time. It was the whole workout. He was the shortest DB there .

    He'll go in round three or four , but he didn't help himself at all in Indy.

    Deon Sanders, an FSU guy, SCOFFED when someone compared Joyner to "Honey Badger".
    Barry Waller

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    Re: My Combine Thoughts, Who Helped, Who Hurt Their Stock

    I actually thought Marqise Lee did pretty well at the combine and moved up some draft boards. He didn't run particularly fast (low 4.5's), but he was great in all the agility drills and showed some pretty decent hops for a guy his size. I wouldn't rank him in front of Watkins and Evans, but I definitely think he'll be the 3rd receiver taken in this draft

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