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    Re: My current Draft without Holt and with Butler

    Hey RamsSB99
    I know you picked more defence than me . I was trying to fill Ram team needs. The Rams could be losing both OT's (Pace cap) and Barron next year freeagent. The 3rd pick Rams release Holt. Robiski is a good WR.
    I'm still not a big fan of Bulger. We need a QB to groom for a year or two. If he doesn't show the ability to improve over two years draft another QB.

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    Re: My current Draft without Holt and with Butler

    Is Harrell from Texas Tech on the Rams target list as a possible QB?

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    Re: My current Draft without Holt and with Butler

    Quote Originally Posted by 39thebeast View Post
    I don't there is a future LT, here. I see 4 RT's and an aging Pace. Do you really think undrafted guys will be sufficient depth behind Barron, who maybe shouldn't be starting.
    Every response to any post is trying to show that you know something which you dont.

    I see 4 RT's??? Really
    Pace, Tupou, Barron, Boone can all play LT.

    Here is what they had to say about Tupou who does project as a LT.
    Scouting Combine
    A very highly-touted JUCO transfer from Sierra College, Tupou showed so much promise during spring drills in 2007 that the Oregon coaching staff elected to move star Max Unger from left tackle -- where he earned second-team Pac-10 honors as a sophomore -- to center in an effort to best maximize Tupou's talents. Blessed with a unique combination of size, quickness and strength, Tupou has the physical tools every scout is looking for in an offensive lineman. And his play in 2008 earned Tupou second-team All-Pac 10 recognition and the potential to be a top-75 selection. Had an arm span of 34 inches and a hand span of 8 3/4 inches at the combine.

    That sounds like a LT to me.

    I was also keeping Pace and Barron this year. Look we have so many needs you could say that you dont see a future "fill in the blank" in about every persons draft. You could also say you don't see sufficent depth at "fill in the blank". We need starters more then backups. Round 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 we dont have any stand out starters in their way. The only one that has good starters in the way is Tupou. He has Pace and Barron in his way both are likely to do as good as any rookie OT we draft this year. So drafting an OT round 1 and 2 does not necessarily make this team better this year. But Drafting a LB and NT does and in the future. I would rather have a 3rd OT and bring in a couple UFA one of which was talent wise was considered at one point as a second or third round pick. Yes he had alchol issues but its worth a look as an UFA. So as far as do I think UFA can provide good depth yes some can am I counting on it no. Their was are several good OL that go undrafted Cardinals had some and so did some other teams. I never listed every player on the team I just took the potential starters and draftees. Boone is a three year starter at LT. Alex Boone also tied Jason Smith at the combine with most bench press reps by OTs 33.

    Here are the areas we need now:
    MLB, NT, OLB, WR, SS(currently), FB

    Here are the areas we need next year:
    OT, DE, QB(possibly), CB(only one proven now)

    We have Pace and Barron that could do as good as any rookie OT we draft this year. We have Tupou to groom as an OT and Greco could be a decent RT he has not been given a legitmate shot. Those two alone could turn out to be a good OT tandem you dont know. We drafte Greco last year and Tupou this year if we bring in other UFA OL and work them out we might find a depth player thats what I was saying. Several of them are starters in the NFL today. If we get players at OT, MLB, NT, WR, SS, FB, and possibly LB then next year we can again go OT in the 1st or 2nd round if need be.
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