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    My Day One Draft Thoughts

    First, on the Rams' draft...

    I give the Rams' first day a grade of A-.

    • ROUND ONE (15): TYE HILL - Love it. Hill is one of the best if not the best cover corner in this draft, and will keep up with any receiver while contending with jump balls because of his amazing leaping ability. He could emerge as a starter this season, but should at worst contribute in nickel packages. Has the potential to really be a playmaker, and has a lot of upside.
    • ROUND TWO (46): JOE KLOPFENSTEIN - Again, love it. This is a guy I've really liked for a while now, and I was hoping he'd be in horns. Great pass catcher with adequate blocking skills and room to get better. Has great hands and sounds like a very mature smart guy.
    • ROUND THREE (68): CLAUDE WROTEN - Great pick. When you trade down and get additional picks, you can afford to make these kinds of selections. Wroten has some off the field issues that caused him to drop, but he has first round talent and will be a huge steal if Haslett gets him to play up to that level.
    • ROUND THREE (77): JON ALSTON - I'm not a huge fan of this pick. While it seems clear that Haslett wants speed and quickness in his front seven, I think the Rams would have been better served to sacrifice some speed to take a linebacker with a bit more meat on his bones. But hopefully Alston wins me over with sideline to sideline ability.
    • ROUND THREE (93): DOM BYRD - Where did this come from? Clearly this means Brandon Manumaleuna is on the bad list and could be a summer casualty for the Rams, because otherwise I see no real reason to trade into the third round to take a second tight end. Byrd should be a good back-up tight end behind Klop.

    Now, on the rest of the draft...

    • BUFFALO TAKES WHITNER/MCCARGO? - Look, I'm a big Donte Whitner fan. I had him going in the mid first round. And I think fans generally underrate the buzz around John McCargo, because it's been rumored for a while that he could sneak into the bottom of the first. So while I think the Bills took good players here, they likely did not get good value. They could have traded down and probably still would have had a shot at Whitner as low as 13 or 14, and McCargo likely would have lasted into the second round, but not all the way until Buffalo's pick. A trade up would have been necessary, but all the way to 26? I don't think that needed to be done.
    • CARDINALS LOOKING DANGEROUS - I don't buy into the theory that Matt Leinart is going to bust out, especially when you combine him with the talent on the Cardinals offense. You've got Edge, Boldin, Fitz, and now Pope in the third round. Leinart succeeded in college when he was surrounded by talent, and that's exactly what he has in Arizona. The Cardinals look like a team that's going to be dangerous, maybe not this season but in the future.
    • END OF A DYNASTY? - New England has pressing defensive needs going into this draft. They need someone to replace Willie McGinest at outside linebacker, could use more depth at inside linebacker, and could use more bodies in the secondary. So what does the genius Bill Belichick do? He spends three first day picks on offense, taking Laurence Maroney, Chad Jackson, and David Thomas. Maybe this is why I'll never be a highly-regarded NFL coach, because while I understand the need for RB and WR, I don't see how you can spend all three of your first day picks on the offensive side of the ball if you're New England.
    • J-DUB TO THE FALCONS - I hope Jimmy Williams hasn't already paid for his gold sports car. This guy is so cocky he projected himself as the third defensive player off the board. Instead, he was the 23rd and fell into the second round. Now he's reunited with DeAngelo Hall on the Atlanta Hokies. Wonder if the Falcons will keep him at corner or if they'll try to broach the topic of moving to safety? Wouldn't that be the ultimate insult? Fall out of the first and be asked to move. Poor Jimmy Williams.
    • LOVIE DOESN'T DO WELL - Could the Bears have possibly done worse on the first day? Probably, but they didn't exactly thrill me with their picks. They decline to take Marcedes Lewis in the first and trade down. They select Danieal Manning, which I have no problems with. But then their second 2nd rounder comes up, and they pass on a much needed tight end to take... Devin Hester? Then they use their third round pick to improve their... D-line? Okay, so you've got a defensive coach, but someone has to know in Chicago that you're not going to get far without some offensive improvements!
    • CHARLIE TO THE CHARGERS? - What in the world is San Diego doing drafting a first day quarterback? I understand that Rivers is untested, but that's the basket you put your eggs in when you let Drew Brees walk uncontested. You also traded for AJ Feeley to be the back-up. Yes, the Chargers addressed two of their biggest needs in CB and OT in the first two rounds. But come on, there has to be a better prospect in the third than Whitehurst. Maybe he is the highest rated guy on your board... BUT YOU HAVE PHILLIP RIVERS!!!
    • SAN FRAN HAS GOOD FIRST ROUND ONLY - You're not going to get me to disagree that the ***** had an amazing first round. Grabbing Vernon Davis and then having Manny Lawson available at 22 was a perfect scenario. But the Whiners only had one more pick on the first day, the one they acquired from Washington in the Brandon Lloyd trade. So what do they do? Draft a guy named Brandon Williams out of Wisconsin. Now I like Brandon Williams, and I'm not a huge Lloyd fan, but c'mon. The Whiners essentially traded Lloyd for Williams, and I'd take Lloyd over Williams most days of the week.

    Feel free to add your own thoughts.

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    Good Rams analyis!

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    Hey Nick, do you think we'll address the return game tomorrow? Theres some promising prospects in Skylar Green and Will Blackmon.

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    i thought philly done a decent job especially with their first and second round picks,think they reached a bit too far with their 3rd tho!

    overall pretty pleased with the rams picks especially klopfenstein & wroten!

    i rate hill highly but just a little sceptical as to the need for another CB;especially with first round pick!
    although must confess Hill will become the cream of the crop of our CB`s sometime soon!

    interesting to note Alan Zemiatis is still on the board going into Day two!

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    I love what we've done so far, especially picking up Wroten with the trade. Sheer genious.

    Nick, I think we both agree the Rams missed an opportunity by not taking takling machine/playmaker Spencer Havner over Alston. I guess time will tell.

    Taking Byrd with the purpose of giving Manu the boot works for me.

    The Cardinals had a pretty good day one and set themselves up for future success.

    The Chargers, well I really don't know what they're thinking lately.

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    nick, does you view change in the context of linehans comment that alston will be used at safety and special teams

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    Tye Hill as our R1 at #15 looks very good, even though I admit I have a problem with CBs under 5-10". I know there are exceptions, like Corey Ivy, that become excellent DBs.

    I also admit the rest of our Draft selections, IMO, merit a C+. **Sigh** I was disappointed, almost angry -- except for TE Klopfenstein -- he sounds like a good project. Perhaps my dismay was a result of seeing Michael Irvin on the NFL Draft Day panel.

    Cowgirl Irvin sickens me. That ruined my interest and approval of selections from R2 on.

    :tut Sorry for sounding negative. I was sick from seeing some of the "senior" ESPN "specialists" today.
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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    great post nick......

    pleased with the first days selections, like the Klop and Wroten picks... suprized when we added another TE Byrd.. would of liked the interior O line to be addressed

    Agree with the Cards, they are going to be a handful.... Matt is going to have a great career...

    "The breakfast Club"

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    I thought the Texans had a pretty good day, their decision to pass on Bush notwithstanding. History shows that you can get pretty good RBs after the first round, but dominant pass rushers are a lot harder to come by. And then they add two very talented linemen in the second round which has been the biggest need on this team for years.

    Davin Joseph was a bit of a reach from what I understand. Yeah, you need linemen but why not Justice or Mangold or a trade down?

    Some of the QB picks were interesting, but that's always a bizzare position.

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    I can't think of a team who did a better job with their options than we did on their first three picks (and the extra pick we got by trading), but I still think the choice of Byrd was questionable to say the least.

    You won't hear me gripe about not taking him, but I think Carpenter will be huge for Dallas starting opposite DeMarcus Ware.

    What does Denver trading up to get Cutler say to Jake Plummer? And coming off a career year no less.

    I thought the Bears were right to pass on Lewis, knowing there would be plenty of good tight ends available further down, but I sure was surprised to see them pass on the position twice in the second round. They expended a 3rd to get Ricky Manning, Jr. at CB not a week ago, and then their first pick is another CB. I don't understand. Hester is a risky pick. I really have to question the strategy here. They are bringing back all of last year's starters, so I guess they feel like they have room to take some risks. That defense better be flat out sick next year.

    I think Houston had a very solid draft.

    Washington is hands down the worst team when it comes to the draft. This year they got Rocky McIntosh for a 2nd and 6th this year, and another 2nd next year. And that about wraps up Washington's 2006 draft. Do they have any other picks left?

    Oakland got Huff and Howard. I hate them.

    Tarvaris Jackson is an intriguing QB...and would have been a good pick-up in the late second day. I don't know why the Vikings felt they had to trade up to get him.

    I don't really think 'analysts' analyze at all. Before the first day was over, I saw an article by Prisco about why the best teams are good because they build through the draft, citing the Pats, Steelers, Indy, and Carolina in this year's draft as examples. I don't think the Pats had that great a draft. The Steelers traded three picks to move up six spots for Santonio Holmes, then took Anthony Smith and Willie Reid--draft day brilliance? Indy came out with Joseph Addai, CB Tim Jennings (passing on Youbouty), and DE Freddie Keiaho (passing on Anderson, Adeyanju, Ray Edwards...). Tell me he didn't plan on praising those teams' moves before he ever heard them.

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by majorram
    .. suprized when we added another TE Byrd.. would of liked the interior O line to be addressed
    I'm with you 100%.

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    Re: My Day One Draft Thoughts

    I give us a solid "B".

    I am not all sure about Hill in the first, we seem awful deep at the Cornerback position. I am not sure where this puts Groce and Anderson, if any where on this team. Even if we cut them that still leaves us Hill, Butler, Bartell, Fisher and Brown. I guess having Hill provides us with one person that can tackle and cover LOL

    I really erks me to see Hodge go the pick before us in the 3rd. If we would have got him there, it would have been an easy "A" day.

    Wroten interreges me the most. This kid has SOOO much potential it is almost scary. Questions remain on whether he may have a true problem? Only time will tell.

    For me taking the two tight-ends bumps this draft from a "B-" to a "B" or B+". Why you ask? This means the lazy, fat, inconsistent Manu will probably be gone June 1st if not sooner.

    All in all The Rams upgraded their team along with adding depth. One thing that is not being talked about it the immediate upgrade in depth and special teams. We will be able to add several players to the special team roster.

    This draft has been one of the most soild drafts we have had in a long time. Not a lot of reaches, and kids were picked who will be able to contribute now, and all of them are solid. No super-stars (yet) just solid, with huge room for growth.


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