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    onslaught11 Guest

    My draft prediction history

    I've always have you can say feelings about who the Rams would pick in the draft. Most of these feelings have come true. My history:

    2007 - I wanted Adam Carriker for the Rams and had a feeling they would pick him and they did. This is one of the only draft where want and feeling match up. BTW, I also wanted Mario Williams.

    2006 - I wanted AJ Hawk or Ngata. I did not want the Rams to pick Tye Hill. They pick Tye Hill

    2005 - I wanted Jammal Brown, but I had a feeling on Alex Barron (even though he was predicted to go #13). Barron slid to the Rams.

    2004 - No feeling before the draft but when Steven Jackson started sliding, I knew the Rams were going to jump on that.

    2003 - I wanted Dan Morgan; i did not want Kennedy. Kennedy was the pick.

    2001 - I wanted Marcus Stroud. I had a bad feeling on Lewis. Lewis was the choice.

    some others ...

    1999 - I wanted Ed James had a feeling it would be Holt. No surprise.
    1996 - I had a feeling on Lawrence Phillips and Tony Banks for the Rams. I really did not want them. The 1st and 2nd round pick were LPhillips and TBanks.

    1991 - I wanted Russell Maryland, had a feeling that Todd Lyght and Rams would match also that Roman Phifer would match. It was Lyght and Phifer.

    Now to present day. My want for the draft is Chris Long but I have not seen in any scenario that it will be Long. My feeling for this draft is <drum roll please>


    I don't know, I just keep on seeing Vernon Gholston and a Rams uniform. I hope I am wrong.

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    Ramer Guest

    Re: My draft prediction history

    I hope your wrong too.THe Rams need to draft Long.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: My draft prediction history

    Ramer, I can't agree more. BUT...if its a DE we're drafting round one, I'm all for it. My draft board has been one of the two. Whoever it is, it'll help our pass rush.

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