Here is my top 11 draft board, meaning that the Rams are assured of being able to get one of them. If in doubt my rankings went to the guy I thought had the best chance of being a big impact guy (so I put potential impact over solid play).

1. A.J. Hawk SR OLB Ohio St.
A difference maker at a need position - the sweet spot
2. Mario Williams JR DE North Carolina St.
Pressure makes your d-backs better, and people would have to scheme for he and Little - yes sir!
3. Reggie Bush JR RB Southern Cal
Even with SJ, he is too close to Marshall Faulk to pass up if available.
4. Michael Huff SR S Texas
Went back and forth between he and Davis, just think not the depth at Db this year and much more depth at TE.
5. Vernon Davis JR TE Maryland
Instantly makes the redzone offense better, a much better fit for the Rams in the post Martz era, still a lot to pay for a TE.. but if he's there - snatch him.
6. Vince Young JR QB Texas
Not a huge Leinart fan, plus not sure he brings to the table more than Bulger/Ferrotte. Young on the other hand could be special with a year or two of he is an amazing athlete and a leader.
7. Haloti Ngata JR DT Oregon
I've gone back and forth on this one between he, Bunkley, and Greenway, but at the end I'm tired of people running through the Rams. What people forget is the Rams still have fairly small LB's in Pisa and Witherspoon that need protection from the OL - he would be the best at that - so that puts him here.
8. Chad Greenway SR OLB Iowa
Not crazy about him at 11 but he is solid. Would be an early starter but I doubt he ever becomes a 'star', but improves the team and plays for 10 years barring injury.
9. Antonio Cromartie JR CB Florida St.
My first real surprise. Big risk with injury but he is a great athlete and was a great big corner before being hurt.
10. Brodrick Bunkley SR DT Florida St.
A penetrating DT, helps the interior pass rush, not as good a run stopper as Ngata, but high intensity. Gives more flexibility.
11. Tye Hill SR CB Clemson
Too small, but too good to pass up if all others are off the board.

Guy who I wish I could put on the board but can't with current roster. Will be a very good player for another team.

12. Ernie Sims JR OLB Florida St.
A difference maker, flies to the ball, I think in many ways he's a better version of Pisa, but the cost is not worth the upgrade here.