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Thread: My Final (maybe) Draft Board

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    My Final (maybe) Draft Board

    Obviously always subject to change is some guy gets hurt or arrested between now and draft day, but here is my personal ranking. The number I give is mainly to compare to past top guys, and also to show where I have breaks within tiers I believe teams will not reach out of.


    This year, even with no QBs, the best of the best includes three guys with once a decade type talents. These are the guys that teams would consider a big deal up price to get.

    1. Jadeveon Clowney DE 9.8
    2. Greg Robinson OT 9.7
    3. Khalil Mack OLB 9.7


    Another very solid group not far off the top three, but less likely to get a big price for a deal up.

    4. Sammie Watkins WR 9.6
    5. Jake Matthews OT 9.5
    6. Taylor Lewan OT 9.5
    7. Mike Evans WR 9.5
    8. Eric Ebron TE 9.3
    9. CJ Mosely LB 9.3

    This is the strength of round one, and one of the big things that makes this such a great draft.

    10. Johnny Manziel QB 9.0
    11. Blake Bortles QB 9.0
    12. Aaron Donald DT 9.0
    13. Zach Martin T 9.0
    14. Anthony Barr OLB 9.0
    15. Ha Ha Clinton Dix S 8.8
    16. Justin Gilbert CB 8.8
    17. Darqueze Dennard CB 8.7
    18. Brandon Cooks WR 8.7
    19. Teddy Bridgewater QB 8.6
    20. Odell Beckham WR 8.5
    21. Marquise Lee WR 8.5
    22. Dee Ford DE/OLB 8.5
    23. Kony Ealy DE 8.5
    24. Kyle Fuller CB 8.4
    25. Louis Nix DT 8.4
    26. Ryan Shazier LB 8.4
    27. Calvin Pryor S 8.4
    28. Rashede Hageman DT 8.4
    29. Kelvin Benjamin WR 8.4
    30. Timmy Hernigan DT 8.2
    31. Xavier Sua Filo G 8.2
    32. Derek Carr QB 8.2

    Another really exceptional and deep group.

    33. Morgan Moses T 8.0
    34. Joel Bittonio T 8.0
    35. Jordan Mathews WR 8.0
    36. Sheldon Quarles DT 7.9
    37. Jimmie Ward S 7.9
    38. Stephon Tuitt DE 7.9
    39. Scott Crichton DE 7.9
    40. Jimmy Garropollo 7.9
    41. Trent Murphy OLB 7.9
    42. Kyle Van Noy OLB 7.9
    43. Cyrus Kouanjio T 7.9
    44. Jason Verett CB 7.9
    45. AJ McCarron QB 7.8
    46. Bradley Roby CB 7.8
    47. Jarvis Landry WR 7.8
    48. Cody Lattimer WR 7.8


    Still a solid group who would be high second rounders in a normal draft.
    49. Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE 7.6
    50. LaMarcus Joyner S 7.6
    51. Deone Buchanon S 7.6
    52. Karl Mecklinberger QB 7.6
    53. Gabe Jackson G 7.6
    54. Daniel McCullers DT 7.6
    55. Tom Savage QB 7.6
    56. Jace Amaro TE TE 7.5
    58 Bishop Sankey RB 7.5
    59. Tre Mason RB 7.5
    60.Davonte Adams WR 7.5
    61 Paul Richardson WR 7.4
    62. Martavis Bryant WR 7.4
    63. DeMarcus Lawrence DE/OLB 7.4
    64. JaWuan James OT 7.4
    65. Jeremiah Attaochu 7.4
    66 Cameron Fleming T 7.3
    67. Kareem Martin DE 7.3
    68. Weston Richberg C 7.3
    69. Marcus Martin C 7.3
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: My Final (maybe) Draft Board

    Thanks for sharing, Barry! A couple of reactions...

    -For me, the top tier is five strong and includes the three you mentioned plus Matthews and Watkins. I think there's clear separation between them and the next group of guys. I'm really not about to call any of them "once in a decade" talents, though. I mean no offense, but I feel like that type of hyperbole has been thrown around too much in the last 3-5 years. They can be considered outstanding prospects without the rhetoric.

    -I have no disagreements with your top seven, and can understand Ebron being slotted in there. I think his ceiling is probably the 9th overall pick to Buffalo. I'm a bit surprised to see Mosley in the Top 10; he doesn't appear to be quite that highly regarded elsewhere. Time will tell if you're right on that one. If a team like Tampa thinks highly of him, I wonder if they wouldn't trade back a few spots and take him to become their new MLB, moving Mason Foster outside.

    -You're a little higher on the QBs than I am, and I personally prefer Beckham to Cooks, but otherwise I think the third tier is pretty spot on. In your fourth tier, I like seeing Joel Bitonio near the top. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes sooner than most think, perhaps even sneaking into the late first round. He seems to me like a Patriots kind of pick, but I wouldn't be surprised if they moved back and still got him. It's interesting that you have Kelcy (not Sheldon) Quarles ranked in the Top 40. Is there something specific about him that you're high on?'s profile for him projects him in the 5th to 6th round range, and I think that's low, but I'm not sure I see him quite as a Top 40 player.

    -You have Bradley Roby just on the inside of the Top 50, but there have been some rumors recently that he could be on the rise and could hear his name called in the first round. His inconsistency bothers me, though. I agree more with your ranking than those rumors.

    -Cody Latimer appears at both 48 & 60. Do you think there's a shot Cody Latimer sneaks into the first round? He's been trending upwards recently, and the ***** seem to be paying a lot of attention to him. They could spend one of their second round picks on him, but I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled an AJ Jenkins type move and took him at the end of the first.

    -Who is Karl Mecklinberger?

    -Do you think a guy like Daniel McCullers appeals at all to the Rams? From a size standpoint, he reminds me of Albert Haynesworth, but a lot of the write-ups on him sound as if he's a "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane" kind of guy. Maybe he's someone this staff could mold into shape. Guys his size are few and far between.

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    Re: My Final (maybe) Draft Board

    Obviously always subject to change is [if] some guy gets hurt or arrested between now and draft day...
    -- BW
    That 2nd part possibility, so true, so sad.

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    Re: My Final (maybe) Draft Board

    Fixed the Lattimore error and number errors, had moved him up and forgot to take him out at 60.

    Also, Roby got a DUI which I think might move him down from round one.
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: My Final (maybe) Draft Board

    Not taking the effort to rate prospects to 2 decimal points = walking through the process.

    (I've been known to go to 15 decimal points some years)
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    Re: My Final (maybe) Draft Board

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick
    -Who is Karl Mecklinberger?
    A scientifically designed hybrid between LSU QB Zach Mettenberger and former Broncos All-Pro LB Karl Mecklenburg.
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    "Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning." --- Hesiod

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    Re: My Final (maybe) Draft Board

    Couple corrections, mainly add Carlos Hyde right with the other top RB.
    Also add David Yankey G as #70 in that last tier.

    I stopped at 69 in the OP, but my next tier is actually guys who could easily fit into the last group, and could go higher than my ranking to a team that they fit.

    Like round two guys who normally would be late round ones, the guys in round t hree and even four would be taken a round higher in most drafts.

    I rank this next group by position, as all have similar grades

    A. Murray
    L. Thomas

    J. Hill
    A. Williams
    L. Thomas
    C, Sims
    D. Archer

    TE T. Niklas

    A. Robinson

    B. Turner
    C. Richardson
    J. Mewhort
    C. Watt
    T. Turner
    T. Swanson

    C. Smith
    T. Reilly

    W. Sutton
    A. Johnson

    A, Hubbard
    S. Bradley
    P. Brown
    M.. Bullough

    P. Desir
    E. GAines
    P. Gaines
    E. Reynolds
    D. Bailey
    M Roberson
    C. Loston
    Barry Waller

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