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    My Final Rams Mock Draft 2014 - First 4 rounds.

    Recognizing that trading up is nearly always a losing gamble (e.g. last year up for Austin when we could have traded down and had Patterson or Allen), Snead and Fisher will try and trade down both first round picks to secure even more depth in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This is the draft that gets us to the Super Bowl in 3-5 years.

    Round 1 #8 (min). Aaron Donald DL. A very disruptive force that will assist Long/Quinn in becoming even better and give the Rams the best DL in the NFL. Rams also get Minny's second and third rounders this year and maybe another pick next year. Actually think we trade somewhere between #5 and #8 here and still pick Donald.

    Round 1 #20 (az) Kyle Fuller CB. The CB everyone knows we will probably take with this pick. Rams also get Arizona's 2nd round pick.

    Round 2 #40 (min) Joel Bitonio or JaWuan James OL. The first OL we need to strengthen the OL.

    Round 2 #45 Take the best WR available. I am really not sure who is better than who, but we do need a future starting WR.

    Round 2 #52 (az). Terrence Brooks, S, Florida State

    Round 3 #72 (min). Cameron Fleming, OT, Stanford or Billy Turner, OL, North Dakota State

    Round 3 #77. Carl Bradford OLB Arizona State. Still think we need more depth at the LB spot. After deciding that trading down #2 is better than taking Mack we can still get our OLB here.

    Round 4. Aaron Murray QB. I am ok with QB here now that we have the depth from all the picks earlier.

    Later Picks - Depth as needed. and take a gamble and grab a guy with a torn ACL that may have a chance to be great after healed.

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    Re: My Final Rams Mock Draft 2014 - First 4 rounds.

    Some of your picks are real good, like Aaron Donald, but I gotta ask whom is Minnesota trading up for and why would we trade with AZ within our division? And whom is AZ trading to #13 for? I also think you have too many OL picks which is unlikely to happen. Aaron Murray in round 4 is good if he's still there. Round 2 may be bit high for Terence Brooks, unless there is a run on safeties. I'm not so sure about Kyle Fuller, do you think he's a top 20 pick?

    Good job, I just want to understand your trades better.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: My Final Rams Mock Draft 2014 - First 4 rounds.

    It could be anyone between #5 and #10 I think. Most will want to come up and get Clowney, mack or Watkins and maybe one will want to reach for a QB. I personally want a disruptive force on defense with that pick and Donald is good as is Clowney or Mack.

    The Fuller pick could be anything between 18 and 24 I think. I was just using AZ as an example. I think after Fuller the CB position drops off huge.

    Also, Fisher and Snead tendencies say we go this way with the only possible exception being Watkins. I really don't think WR Evans is that good as he can not separate. All those jump balls he was getting in college will be cut way down in the NFL due to opposing talent.

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