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Thread: In my Honest Opinion, the Rams will take a long hard look @...

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    In my Honest Opinion, the Rams will take a long hard look @...

    ....Trent Richardson if they trade down with cleveland or anyother team for that matter. Now i know most of you are like "wtf, we have Steven Jackson already, why are we gonna waste money on a bench player". Well this is my reasoning, the rams need playmakers, and yes Blackmon is a great playmaker (especially at our biggest position of need WR). However this could easily be filled in free agency if we are able to get guys like maybe Vjax, Bowe, or Stevie Johnson. By taking Richardson, the rams would have that one-two punch @ running back, a pro-bowl Wide out from free agency, and potentially a late round offensive lineman with one of the picks gained from a trade down( factor in our new positional coaches especially O-line).

    To me this makes a lot of sense because at that draft position, 4-10,we could take Claiborne ( not necessary if we sign Finnegan), Blackmon (not necessary if we sign a proven probowl wide-out in free agency) a lineman ( Fishers draft history says otherwise, + the fact our Line coach is alot better) or a running back (yes top 10 i know is high for running backs unless they are special). The best option is running back; sure theirs been late round gems even guys who fell to the 2nd round that have lit it up in the league, but from the general consenus, people are saying Richardson is the best back coming out of college since A.P. Thats a very strong assertion. Another reason why this move makes sense to me , is the fact that running backs touch the ball more, and directly/indirectly affect the flow of a play whether its running, catching, blocking, chipping etc. Lets not forget plays start from the lines out, and generally last 3 seconds ,5 if were lucky. RB's are right there in the trenches with Qb's, so you better have your ace in the hole back there...

    If the Rams were to make this move, it would not only elevate the play of the Offense from Wideouts to Sjax, it would extend Sjax's shelf life and keep him competitive (not like he needs it lol) and would ensure a smooth transition (in a stable running game) incase Sjax ever gets injured (lets pray not) ,traded or retires. We would always have a steady powerful run game for many years to come....
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