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    My own mock

    1. Amobi Okoye DT 'Ville

    Pos - Good penetrator will be only 20 when camp starts. Lots of upside.
    Neg - He will only be 20. Will he be a boy among men in the NFL? Need him to play the NT position. He lost 20 pounds, may be suited for the UT position where we have a few people for that.

    Overall - Decent pick for where we are drafting. Would like Branch, Anderson or Adams more but he is pretty good in his own right.

    2. David Harris LB Michigan
    Pos - Good tackler with good instincts that excels in the run.
    Neg - Short arms may have max out his potential. Can not play OLB where we need help. Would have to move WW out there if he is drafted.

    Overall - He is underrated. Decent athlete and a decent pick. I would love it if Poz or Willis or Timmons fall here but highly unlikely.

    3. Dan Bazuin DE Central Michigan

    Pos - Underated with a motor that will not quit. A good pass rusher that seems to make a lot of tackle behind the line of scrimmage. He could also probably play LB in a 3-4 D.

    Neg - May not be as tall as his 6'3 height is reported. Can be over aggressive at times and be out of position. Played in the MAC.

    Overall - He could be a great pickup and with versatility, he could be a pass rushing DE or even learn the SLB position.

    4. Kyle Young C Fresno State
    Pos - Strong tough aggressive and consistent. Good pass blocker and run blocker.

    Neg - Slow. May have trouble with fast DE so playing the RT spot would be out of the question. May be only fitted for the interior but 6'5 is a OT height. Got suspended for the last game of his career for skipping class. Questionable character(?)

    Overall - With the character thing he has been consistent throughout his career. I believe his slowness is because he is packing too much weight. Heard he somewhere between 330 and 350. Need to lose a good 20+ pounds. He could be an excellent pickup.

    5a. Sabby Piscatelli SS Oregon State

    Pos - I just like the name. The Rams need a piscatelli on the team. He can team up with Tinosamoa on a tackle. The announcer can say Jon Smith stopped for no gain by Tinosamoa and Piscatelli.

    Neg - Tweener. May be only an in the box SS.

    Overall - The Name alone would make him draftable.

    5b. Paul Soliai DT Utah

    Pos - Would be the NT and unmovable.

    Neg - Can only play NT.

    Overall - A DL rotation guy that could probably surprise.

    6. Kasey Studdard OG Texas

    Pos - Great run blocker;

    Neg - Average to below average pass blocker.

    Overall - Great in one area not so great in the other. Value pick for this round.

    7. Ryne Robinson WR Miami (OH)

    Overall - Do not know much about him except that I read that he is good in kick return. We really need a KR. May have a shot at the 4th or 5th WR position.

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    Re: My own mock

    I really like the first day draft picks. I think they all could start in the first two years for the rams, the second day picks are some people i ve never heard of, but overall IMO its a good draft


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