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    My Possible 'Leap Frog" Trades

    While the cost to move really far in this draft may be too high for teams, there are always "leap frog " moves in a draft where one team goes just over the team ahead of them when both have the same need, possibly the same player, in their sights.

    This usually happens when a guy starts to fall a it, but in this draft I can see some scenarios where this could happen.

    1. Cleveland trades to #2 to get Watkins away from the Jags
    2. The Falcons trade to 4th to get ahead of Oakland for Mack or Robinson
    3. The Vikings deal to 6th to get ahead of the Bucs for Donald or Manziel
    4. The Rams trade from 13 to 11 to get Martin if they don't go OT #2
    5. The Steelers trade to 13 to get ahead of the Bears for C. Pryor
    6. The Cowboys trade to #13 to get ahead of Chicago for Donald or Pryor
    7. The jets trade up to 13th or 16th to get ahead of Baltimore for a receiver
    8. The Eagles trade to 16th to get ahead of Baltimore AND the jets for a WR.
    9. Ditto for the Chiefs
    10. Ditto for the Niners, Saints, Panthers
    11. Cleveland moves up to 19th from 26th for a QB

    And that's just round one

    Barry Waller

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    Re: My Possible 'Leap Frog" Trades

    So 1 team is trading up to #6 for Donald.
    And then the Cowboys are trading up to #13 for Donald?

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