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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    my shot at the 7 round crap shoot!

    please bare in mind its bourbon fuelled!

    1st mock involving a trade down to about 17th and a second round pick off the vikings for our 11th!

    1st Bobby Carpenter -OLB
    2nd Abdul Hodge-MLB
    2nd Joe Klopfenstein-TE
    3rd Derek Hagan-WR
    4th Babatunde Oshinowo-DT
    5th Frostee Rucker-DE
    6th Mike Degory-C
    7th Nafahu Tahi-FB
    7th Jason Hatcher-DE
    7th Freddie Roach-MLB

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    Re: my shot at the 7 round crap shoot!

    No Secondary help on the first day- Otherwise very nice.

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: my shot at the 7 round crap shoot!

    my way of thinking was,if huff aint there then there is no one that could really upgrade our secondary!

    o.k i do rate hill,cromartie and alan zemaitis but i chose against taken them over the players that i have because all things considered i thought they were better picks for us!

    i think our DB`S have real potential under the right guidance and unless a real difference maker like huff fell to us i didnt see the point in adding yet more depth!

    thanks for your comments

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    DaRamsBaby Guest

    Re: my shot at the 7 round crap shoot!

    2 linebackers when we need 1

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: my shot at the 7 round crap shoot!

    3 actually, but my way of thinking is drafting towards the future 3-4 switch!

    roanall smith is only one year contract,we dont really know how long dexter coakley will be a ram etc... if chillar will step up and if spoon is best suited for MLB,we dont really have a natural MLB on the roster!

    (at time of writing hodge went to gb one pick before wroten who i would have picked if i had thought he would have fallen into the 3rd round,but i didnt!)


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