I wouldnt draft a guy that tested positive at the combine. No way.

On wall street and in my experience, its very common to tell people that they are going to have to take a drug test on their first day of work. That is in many cases 90 days or more before they actually start employment. Thus, if you cant clean out your system in 90 days, i dont want to hire you. does it mean that i wouldnt hire someone or draft someone that smoked pot at some point in their lives? Of course not. I find that crazy and i agree with rams nation that they guys deserve points for honesty.

In this case, the issue for me is whether they are currently smoking weed, not whether they did so at some point in the past. There are legal issues involved and of course i would prefer to draft or hire someone who is completely clean, but no one is perfect and let he who is without sin criticize others. If a kid doesnt smoke weed but is getting drunk off his butt every friday and saturday night i view that as a terrible sign, even though its legal.

At the end of the day, when you make hiring decisions (business, sports or otherwise), character is an important data point. It doesnt mean that we only hire saints on earth and people that have never made a decision that they regret. Its means that we balance all the plusses and minuses and then draw our best conclusion.

Based on the available information, this is a non issue for me with okoye.

ramming speed to all

general counsel