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    RamsFan16 Guest

    New Rams mock v3.0

    Newest Rams mock from your community friend!

    Resigned players, Free Agency, Trade, and Draft Round 1-3.

    - DT Clifton Ryan:
    The dude is starting to become a very good player, for those who watch all the games, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The last 3 weeks he's really clicked. He's in the backfield making plays, and he's plugging up gaps and getting penetration on running plays. He's even showed a few times the ability to rush the passer, with another solid Defensive Lineman, his skills would be nationally known. He's still young and hasn't entered his prime, he's just beginning to touch is potential. He's a cornerstone to our future.

    - S Craig Dahl:
    Craig has been very good for us since joining the Rams. He's arguably been our best performer at safety. Last week really showed us what he can do when early in the game against the Colts, Dahl blew up a toss play in the backfield for a loss of yards, making a great open field tackle. He hasn't been a liability in coverage either, he's not going to be expensive which is a big positive.

    - LB Larry Grant
    He's been solid, he's young and has been decent for us, he'll come cheap and could potentially start at SLB for us.

    - T Alex Barron
    As badly as some of us want him to leave, he hasn't been bad this year, and he hasn't been great. He's not going to demand a lot of money and can provide good depth and potential starting ability again next year. He needs a strong finish to get a decent contract. He's young as well.

    RB Jerious Norwood

    - Norwood would provide an excellent change of pace back for Steven Jackson. Norwood has elite speed and can take it to the house at anytime. He's a poor mans Chris Johnson. He'll also be able to take some pressure of Steven.

    TE Tony Scheffler

    - The Rams are in dire need of a new Tight End, it's no secret. Fells has showed flashes but isn't consistent enough, he's a solid #2. Scheffler, is a very good pass catching Tight End and will block. He's not in the plans in Denver and will most likely walk. He'll bring an excellent ability to catch passes here.

    LB Derrick Johnson

    - Johnson will bring instant credibility to St. Louis. He's a fine OLB in a 4-3 defense, he struggled with transition last season in Kansas City. He's a playmaker and would excel in Spagnuolo's scheme and also doesn't fit into plans with the new coaching staff over at Kansas City.

    DE Mark Anderson

    - Solid player who could come in and compete for a DE spot opposite of Chris Long. At worst he'd provide solid depth.

    ** TRADE **
    The Rams trade a 5th round and 6th round pick for QB Michael Vick.

    - Love him or hate him, he'd be a difference maker. He may not have a high completion percentage but he gets the job done. He'd consistently put the defense on there heels and provide a whole new look to our team. He's a straight playmaker, and has a very good deep ball. He'd be great and a perfect fit for our team.

    ** TRADE: The Rams trade the 1st overall pick to Tampa Bay for there 1st pick, 2nd round and 3rd round.

    With the 3rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select Eric Berry, Safety, Tennessee

    - Eric Berry is a complete difference maker, he's an absolute playmaker. Something the Rams need, unlike Atogwe, Berry is going to come up and hit you in the mouth at the line of scrimmage, or down the field. He set the SEC and Tennessee record for interception return yards. He's not afraid to give a hit or stack the LoS.

    With the 33rd pick in the 2009 NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select Brian Price, Defensive Tackle, UCLA

    - Brian Price was a beast at UCLA, showing good quickness and great power. He's got the ability to stack up and handle two OL at one time, and the ability to push through, or use his hands and body to swim around the OL to get to the QB. He finished 2009 with 7 sacks. He's got very good athleticism and can chase down the RB or QB from behind.

    With the 35th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select Amari Spievy, Cornerback, Iowa

    - Yes, St. Louis selects another Iowa CB. Spievey comes from a physical Iowa defense. He's got very good ability to come up and stop the run, and also excellent speed to stay with a lot of WR. He's larger at roughly 6'0" - 6'1" and 205lbs. Great at jamming the WR and looking for the ball. Very good athleticism and also a hard hitter.

    With the 1st pick in the 3rd round, the St. Louis Rams select Jeffrey Fitzgerald, Defensive End, Kansas State

    - Athletic player who also has the power to get through you. Finished the year with 7 sacks. A nice motor and nice technique.

    With the 1st pick in the 4th round, the St. Louis Rams select Cameron Sheffield, Outside Linebacker, Troy

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    im not a fan of keeping Barron
    im not a fan of trading two draft picks for Vick
    i dont think the trade with Tampa would happen
    I really dont like the way the draft turns out. All defensive players, no QB of the future?
    If the Rams trade down to 3 its so that they can pick up extra draft picks and their QB of the future

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0`s my view

    Free Agency? be happy with those picks

    Resign? Ryan? Absolutely!
    Dahl? Yes please.
    Larry Grant? cheap depth im fine with.
    Barron? enough is enough..we need a RT, he`s proved he is better at LT than RT but he is too lazy and takes plays and games off to keep as the LT...i dont think he`ll be as cheap as some may someone will look at his physical tools and think that they can do a better job than the Rams have in coaching him up.

    Trade? No thanks

    Draft? good prospects but id rather take Suh than trade down and get who you have us taking with those picks be ok with us trading down..just not with who you have us selecting there..who again,are good prospects..just not entirely what the doctor ordered..e.g Berry may be the second best prospect coming out this year..but we have bigger holes if Atogwe stays or he doesn`t.

    your off-season would possibly turn our D into a top 12 D..but id stay with the pattern you started out with in F.A. improve all sides of the team.

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    Not a fan of this

    Just stop we are NOT signing Alex Barron we spent a 2nd pick on Jason Smith now let him play his position Barron had his chance at LT and did not live up to potential.

    I dont think we should spend money on Johnson and Anderson. One is good.

    I like Mike Vick but i would not give up a 5th for him. Probably 6th. But i think the only way we get him is though free agency with the eagles releasing him. But no way we do that trade.

    The Bucs are also rebuilding so why would they give up that many early picks for 1 player. Also even if that trade would happen why would be spend it on Berry? Yea he is an improvement over OJ but he is not huge improvement over OJ that we spend a top 3 pick. We can franchise OJ again.

    spivey will only be drafted that early if he runs a 4.4 or better in the 40. I think he will be a safety at the next level he just does not have the speed to keep up with a Desean Jackson type.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    Barron doesn't have to play LT, he can play RT.

    So let's just create another hole on this team letting him go when he'll be cheap * rolls eyes *.

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    16, I like it but I still feel like we should at the least draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. Perhaps a little too much defense. I'm not really sold on the OL, drafting a few more would help tremendously.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFan16 View Post
    So let's just create another hole on this team letting him go when he'll be cheap * rolls eyes *.
    Well, that basically seems to be what you did by letting Atogwe walk and creating a hole at safety. Not sure why it's necessary to roll your eyes at people who want to see you do at one position what you did at another with a better player.

    Anyways, you had me in free agency until you got to Vick, but I'm not going to bother rehashing that here. As others have said, I don't like keeping Barron. Whether he's cheap or not, he's shown he can't play anything resembling consistent football and can't cut down on the stupid penalties. Though it would create another hole, replacing him would be a positive move for the Rams.

    As for the draft, you went all defense? Interesting. I'd much rather see the Rams retain Atogwe and then use their newly acquired 3rd overall pick on a quarterback of the future which, unless I've overlooked him, is missing from your mock. Price in the second round would be great value, but you kind of lost me again with the two picks after that. I suspect there will be better cornerbacks on the board than Amari Spievey at the top of the second, and using two of their first three picks on help in the secondary isn't incredibly appealing. Jeffrey Fitzgerald, IMO, isn't great value at the top of the third. As for Sheffield, how do you envision him doing as an outside linebacker in a 4-3 scheme at the next level? Based on his pass rushing experience in college, I can't help but wonder if the better fit would be in a 3-4.

    In short, I appreciate the effort but I'm not head over heels with this one.

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    Why I do not like this mock very much:

    1) Eric Berry? Why? Why not just keep Atogwe and use this pick for something more useful?

    2) All defense? Do you not realize that our defense is much better than our offense, and that our offense is the unit that needs more rebuilding?

    3) I believe you forgot another 3rd round pick we got from Tampa in this mock.

    4) 5 draft picks in the first 3 rounds, and no offensive playmakers...

    5) WHY do we resign Barron? People either do not watch the games, or are related to him or something and are biased.

    Alex Barron is not a good tackle. I frankly do not care if he comes cheap. At this point I would only be satisfied if he's playing back-up.

    He plays without fire, no eagerness,he gets burned consistently by speed rushers, that's why he got many holding calls and more were not called. He was MEDIOCRE at left tackle, his original position. He played even worse at RT. Now, we ask him to move BACK to RT? That's just creating another hole.

    6) We pick up DE Mark Anderson in FA and then we get Fitzgerald in the draft?

    7) So, we re-sign Larry Grant, sign Derrick Johnson, AND draft Cameron Shefield?

    Defense may win championships, but without an offense capable of scoring even decently, I don't care if we have an all star defense. We're not going to go anywhere.
    Last edited by RockinRam; -01-16-2010 at 01:35 PM.

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    I have to join the crowd here and point out for emphasis, that there is absolutely no way the Bucs would give up their 2nd and 3rd round picks for the right to draft Suh, especially when they could draft McCoy or Berry with their pick.

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    This isn't a very impressing mock draft. I completely disagree on taking Vick, *STAY AWAY*. He is a waste of a player. And for your draft, why take berry? OJ first off is better than Berry ever will be and that's a waste of a pick when we have more important things to spend it on. Overall, this mock was a huge disapointment, sorry!

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    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    Draft Dan Lefevour in the 3rd round is better idea than vick and trading a pick with tampa bay or detroit we should be looking at at least a 1st and 2 2nd round picks and maybe more in the year after. But what people forget there are teams with a couple of round 1 picks which would be a best option for a trade i think. If sam bradford falls in the first and we can trade up from 2nd round to get him, or if we can trade down from 1 and pick sam bradford or clausen and the bpa would be another option id rather.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    As I said, this is something new, and it's not close to my final. I just wanted to try out another scenario, and I myself wasn't thrilled about it, but tried it. I'll have a few more upcoming.

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    Warner4prez Guest

    Re: New Rams mock v3.0

    I'm fine with going defense the top 3 rounds. I'd even be fine if we trade the top pick with the Bucs, but I'm hoping Devaney rakes them over the coals and has them cough up both of their seconds.

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    Blankman17 Guest

    Re: New Rams mock v3.0


    Some guys you may want to snag some film on as a potential late round "value":

    Dan LeFevour out of Central Michigan
    Riley Skinner out of Wake Forest

    I think either would be a great addition to this draft class and either would be available later on.

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