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Thread: A new WR?

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    A new WR?

    Since I think like many on this board that we need 2 WR's, how will we acquire them? I think 1 for sure will be through the draft with an early pick (Rd 1 or Rd 2). But like I said, I think we need 2 starting WR's. That leaves 1 spot open. How do you guys think we fill that other spot? Another drafted WR? (I'd say thats too much inexperience, we need a vet). An FA? (Not too much left there). Or possibly a trade (state who and for what). Or the last option : Roll with 1 new WR and the other spot will be filled by someone already on the roster.

    I'll say we only add 1 WR through the draft whether thats in Rd 1 or 2, and we roll with what we have. I think Salas and Pettis can play on the outside, while Amendola and newly acquired Steve Smith can hold down the slot position. DX can also play outside, but he's been real inconsistent.

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    Re: A new WR?

    If we can just address one WR position right now I'd be happy, and I think the draft is the place to do that. I'm not sure there is much else available, either via trade or free agency, that would upgrade the position.

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    Re: A new WR?

    I don't think we'll see it all done in this year. Too many holes to be throwing all our picks at one position and hoping they stick. We've got 2 firsts the next two years to play with. Any trade would involve giving those picks up and probably a chunk of salary cap to keep that receiver happy so I don't see that happening. We're in this for the long haul baby!
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