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    The Optimistic Lamb Guest

    The New WR Dilemma

    Floyd, Blackmon, and Broyles are heading back to school... That leaves Jones...
    I'm not sold on him, from I read on this forum many of you don't sound like you are either.
    What other WR's you guys like?

    I'm liking Leonard Hankerson, I think he will fly up the draft boards soon:
    -Great work ethic
    -Very crafty route runner
    -4 pillar player
    -Has a knack for making acrobatic catches
    -72 rec 1,156 yds 13 TD's

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    Re: The New WR Dilemma

    Julio Jones has a modest character and great work ethic as well. Yes he drops passes but he's willing to take responsibility for his own actions and not blame it on the QB or anyone or anything else only to learn from his mistakes and play more consistently.

    Notes: Yes, those dropped passes are bothering the Tide's Julio Jones
    Published: Monday, September 13, 2010, 7:58 PM

    TUSCALOOSA -- Junior wide receiver Julio Jones has dropped passes in each of Alabama's first two games, a problem that plagued him last season when he played hurt. He admitted that the drops bother him.

    "I'm so ready to make a play, but I've just got to tone it down some, catch the ball first and then make a play," he said. "I'm hyped up, amped to go, but you can't do anything without the ball. I've just got to look it in all the way to the tuck."
    Julio Jones was asked where fellow wide receiver Kevin Norwood learned how to flip into the end zone, as he did following his first career catch for a 36-yard touchdown.
    "I think the guy was off-balance," Jones said with a straight face.
    Jones was asked what happened to free safety Robert Lester, a Foley High School teammate who recovered a fumble and raced far down the right sideline before he was stripped of the ball.
    "A monkey jumped on his back and he just got fatigued," Jones said. "It was a great play, but I think fatigue just set in."
    I'm not saying we should absolutely get Julio Jones but his value on being a Top 10-20 seems to be shining brightly. Whatever Devaney decides on the wide receiver situation, I'll hope for the best.

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    Re: The New WR Dilemma

    I like Torrey Smith in the 2nd.

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    The Optimistic Lamb Guest

    Re: The New WR Dilemma

    67 rec, 1,055 yds, 13 td's.....very impressive stats

    but theres a lot of recievers that have great stats. Cecil Shorts III, Dwayne Harris, Titus Young, etc
    Wat do you like about Torrey Smith specifically?

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    Re: The New WR Dilemma

    I like Hankerson a lot as a Round 2 prospect.

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    Re: The New WR Dilemma

    Torrey Smith and Jonathan Baldwin would top my list in round 2 if we cant get a WR in FA or decide to go with a guy like Aldon Smith or Akeem Ayers in FA.

    Torrey Smith reminds me of Greg Jennings deep threat with great speed and pretty good size at 6'1. He is Darius Heyward-Bey with natural hands and receiving skills.

    Baldwin is one of the most physically gifted WRs in this class he needs to work on his route running though. He reminds me of Vincent Jackson

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    Re: The New WR Dilemma

    Quote Originally Posted by The Optimistic Lamb View Post
    67 rec, 1,055 yds, 13 td's.....very impressive stats

    but theres a lot of recievers that have great stats. Cecil Shorts III, Dwayne Harris, Titus Young, etc
    What do you like about Torrey Smith specifically?
    Torrey Smith is on my board as well. 6' and 205, plus listed one place as 4.37. He is big and physical, he can take hits and hang on to the ball. Capable of getting separation underneath, and a target over-the-middle. Kid is a threat as a returner, had 126 all-purpose yards per game in 2010. He is more instinctual than a precise route runner, but he has a nose for the ball. Capable of good YAC.

    Not a typical possession receiver, but he does hold on to the ball. 15 yards per catch. Long-term starter in good health.

    High character. First college graduate in his family, worked two jobs and helped raise siblings.

    See how he runs at the Combine, but I think he is complimentary to Bradford. If we go WR second round, this might be about where we end up.
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    The Optimistic Lamb Guest

    Re: The New WR Dilemma

    Here's my question about Hankerson: Why is he projected as a round 2 prospect??? It seems every conern ppl have about him (speed, inconsistent hands) is old news. 2010 he refined all his skills with Mark Duper and put up amazing numbers. With Floyd, Broyles, and Blackmon gone, i think Hankerson will sneak up the draft boards...

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    Re: The New WR Dilemma

    Greg Little, Leonard Hankerson, Jonathan Baldwin, Torrey Smith, Austin Pettis, and Terrance Toliver are all intriguing options from Round 2-4.

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