It's a kind of different year, with The Texans, Redskins, Browns, Vikings, Lions, and Buccaneers all starting new regimes with high draft positions, of course the Rams, not the Redskins new head coach, will be making that pick.

But what about those other teams with top ten picks? Is there some trend for new coaches, like starting with a new QB if there is a really high pick r eady to use on one?

I'd say yes, as evidenced by Steve Spagnuolo for the Rams, who, along with Billy Devaney, elected to go with Sam Bradford.

The six coaches fired on or before black Monday didn't all take passers with their first draft with the team that just canned them, but two of them did, and their firing wasa direct result of that passer not winning enough; Mathew Stafford in Detroit, and Christian Ponder in Minnesota.

Mike Shanahan went with an OT, but later bet his job on a QB named RGIII

The other three now out of work coaches took pass rushers with their first pick.

This year, there are more passers than pass rushers high in the draft, more bad teams in need of offense, and in need of a frachise passer.

New coaches prefer to go through the QB growing pains with a youngster right away in their career with that team, because of the grace period coaches get for a year anyway, except I guess in Cleveland.

It's going to be really interesting how the battle for the QB the new coach or remaining one desires will play out among Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, and Minnesota, with Oakland an outside shot to surprise with a passer.

Becaue the other two players expected to go top 7 in the draft besides QBs are pass rushers, there is a chance one of those teams that seems to be in dire need at QB will take the pass rusher instead.

I see Atlanta dealing up to get Clowney, and Oakland going with Barr, and the rest of the top nine will be 5 QBs and an 2 OT, if all five of the top passers are in the draft, and they all end up way better than the pretty good guys now in round two.

Ironically, the two fired coaches who took QBs first after taking over were BOTH defensive coaches, Schwartz and Frazier.