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    NFL considering not inviting ineligible players to Combine

    The NFL is considering not inviting players who are academically ineligible in college to the Combine, a league source told

    The move is being discussed because of the increased scrutiny on the maturity and commitment of the prospects entering the NFL, the source said, adding that if this measure was in place in 2013, a sizable group of players would not have been invited to Indianapolis for the Combine.
    Source: CBS's Bruce Feldman

    Here is Rotoworld's take...

    Per Feldman, the league is considering the rule "because of the increased scrutiny on the maturity and commitment of the prospects entering the NFL." A "sizable" number of players would've been restricted from the 2013 Combine after being declared academically ineligible late in their college careers. In addition to the rule that prohibits collegiates from participating in spring OTAs before their colleges graduate -- annually setting many rookies back and arguably decreasing their long-term earning potential -- this new potential rule is another attempt by the NFL to legislate academic obedience, a respectable accomplishment but one that realistically has no place on pro football fields. Kids shouldn't be forced to care about school. They're football players with a specific, honed talent, and they get great jobs right out of college.

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    Re: NFL considering not inviting ineligible players to Combine

    But some of them don't make it, or take too long to develop, because they lack the commitment or the smarts to learn the playbook. Hopefully this will weed most of them out. I say the NFL should do this, to encourage players to be more committed to learning. Playing in the NFL is a privilege that should be earned, not a right because God gifted you with athletic talent.


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