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    Re: NFL DC Updated Mock Draft 1/18

    Hey, it all starts up front and if the Rams can get Dorsey get him. That would be a fantastic young rotation.

    This is all speculative anyway. I'm still miffed the Rams went with Hill over Cromartie. I wanted Cromartie even after being injured. However, drafting number 2 is alot easier to hit a homer than drafting 15.

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    Re: NFL DC Updated Mock Draft 1/18

    Before Carriker was drafted Hub & I were extremly high on this kid. I was high on him because of his size, strength, versatility & his outstanding attitude for being so young. When he was drafted by the Rams I seem to remember the coaching staff also being high on this kid, simply because his hard work ethics & willingness to do what ever is asked of him. The point to this is if Dorsey is the pick, I do believe that Carriker will do what ever the coaching staff ask of him. Carriker is a very versatile player & will succeed at what ever position he plays on the d-line.
    With that being said, I,m looking for Chris Long with the 2nd pick. We need this stud on the outside. He will be another piece to the puzzle for a strong defense for years to come. But then again if Dorsey winds up the pick for the Rams, you won't hear any complaining from me.
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    Re: NFL DC Updated Mock Draft 1/18

    i`ll never go for b.p.a regardless of need,so i say no to Dorsey!
    same reason i say no to McFadden...winning championships is about the overall team skills etc....not about collecting as much talent as possible for one position and neglecting the others!
    folks can talk about depth etc....but a team that gets the 2nd overall (without trading for it) has far more pressing needs than depth!

    talk about value but what value is there in buying something you dont need?
    weve all done it but what is the result? we hang onto unneeded items and let them clutter our house up for a few years then get rid for lil value if anything mirrors life ladies and gentleman,take a look sometime!

    Phillips may not have the "value" to be picked at 2 but to me he has far more value to us than Dorsey,because he plays a position we are in need of improving far more than UT!

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