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    NFL Draft Countdown New Mock

    Scott Wright's latest is up on NFL Draft Countdown

    (Permission to link?) Staff note: Permission granted. Wright is a "friend" of the board. As such his mocks are linked.

    It's two rounds long, and his first pick, Eugene Monroe, hasn't changed.

    In the second round, he has us passing on Cal Center Alex Mack for Vanderbilt CB DJ Moore.

    I personally don't like the pick. The need becomes apparent, as he says, if Bartell leaves in free agency, but I think the entirety of Ram Nation hopes this doesn't happen.

    He also lists Fakhir Brown as a 2009 free agent. I don't think he is, but I'm certainly not 100%.
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    Re: NFL Draft Countdown New Mock

    Brown will be a free agent, he only signed a one year deal when Haslett brought him back. I also don't like the second round pick, i'm hoping for a true mike LB or a safety instead.

    Can anyone tell me why Kansas pick ahead of the Rams in round 2?

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    Re: NFL Draft Countdown New Mock

    This goes to show that we do need to sign Bartell again. I believe he can become our number one corner. The thing is, we really don't have anyone behind Bartell. However, if Mack is available, we have to draft him. If Unger is there too. If either of these two are gone, I don't mind how we draft, as long as it's need.

    I can't argue with the first round pick. I'm starting to also believe that Monroe is our pick.

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    Re: NFL Draft Countdown New Mock

    Quote Originally Posted by TheBritishRam View Post
    Can anyone tell me why Kansas pick ahead of the Rams in round 2?
    Teams with the same record are initially ordered by opponent win percentage for the first round, but they change draft positions as the draft progresses to be more fair to the teams at the bottom.

    For instance, there are five teams that finished with 8-8 records. Denver's opponents had the worst win-loss percentage, so in the first round they pick first before the other 8-8 teams. When the second round comes along, Denver will move to the bottom of the pack of 8-8 teams, and the others will move up. Thus, Washington will be the first 8-8 team to pick in the second round, though technically I think Miami has that pick via trade from last year.

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