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With thoughts about who the Rams should take at 1.2 swinging one direction and then another, polarising opinions on how best to solves our recent woes, I figured doing some Prospect Profiles may well help clear up the picture.

After asking fellow Rams fans to vote on who should be next to be profiled it was decided that Wake Forest Outside Linebacker, Aaron Curry, was the man they wanted to read about!

Aaron Curry

Height – 6’3”
Weight – 247lbs
Approx 40 time – 4.50-4.60seconds


Owns the Wake Forest records for interception return yards in a season and career. Won the Dick Butkus Award in 2008 for the nation’s best linebacker.


Curry has fantastic blend of speed, athleticism and size. Versatile in his abilities to stuff the run, rush the passer and cover downfield threats. Good at taking on and shedding blockers, as well as making open-field tackles. Plays sideline to sideline and comfortable in space. Locates the ball carrier quickly, squares up nicely to make the tackle and wraps up well. Displays superb closing speed. Team leader with football smarts who never missed a game through injury as a four-tear starter. Has ability to take interceptions all the way home, as shown by 84yd and 57yd TDs in 2007. Doesn’t always take sound pursuit angles and can be over-aggressive. Needs to develop more polished pass-rushing skills (he was rarely asked to blitz in college). Needs better fluidity with his hips to help quick directional changes.

NFL comparisons

Curry himself says, “I’ve always seen myself as the linebacker version of Julius Peppers, because of my size and my speed. I also believe I have the enthusiasm and leadership qualities of Ray Lewis.” Draftniks prefer the comparison to Derrick Brooks.


2008 Highlights (6:47)
More Highlights (1:53)


Curry looks like one of the safest picks in the ’09 draft class. He is able to do most things well, if not great and has a great instinct and passion for the game. His smarts on-field are matched by his intelligence off it (he was studying law and choose Wake Forest for its academic credibility, not football). He is thought to be as good as any linebacker graduating in recent memory and sits alongside some solid names having won the Dick Butkus Award (Dan Morgan, E.J Hendersen, Derrick Johnson, Paul Posluszny & Patrick Willis). He could play at any of the linebacker positions in both the 4-3 and 3-4, but is probably best suited to the strong side in a 4-3.

Should the Rams take him?

The Rams are screaming out for a linebacker, but not an OLB, they need someone in the middle of the field. Curry does project as a MIKE, but projecting and doing are two different things. Saying that, there are free agents out there like Bart Scott and Channing Crowder who the Rams could sign and still utilise Curry outside. The Rams do need to find a way to stop the run and a talented linebacker is a good as any way to do so.

Recently on Bernie Miklasz’s radio show GM Billy Devaney didn’t rule out taking a ‘backer at 1.2 if their final grade was superior on their draft board and Curry is clearly the top rated LB in this year’s class. For the Rams to take Curry I think that they will have needed to address other issues, such as Offensive Tackle, in Free Agency. It isn’t unreasonable to think that with so many needs all over the field the Rams can take several different strategies on Draft Day and may end up taking the ‘best player available’ which may well be Aaron Curry


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