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    NFL Draft Scout Updated (4/3) Three Round Mock

    I'm not posting the entire mock because it's a pay site, but here are the Rams' picks with my notes.

    Round 1: Manny Lawson, OLB, NC State
    -"In Pisa Tinoisamoa and the recent free agent addition of Will Witherspoon, the Rams have two of their three linebacker positions sewn up. That said, the club would like to add at least one more through the draft and possibly two as new defensive coordinator Jim Haslett is a devotee to the 3-4 alignment. Lawson here would be a reach, but his unbelievable combination of size (6-6, 241), speed (4.43), and past production (10.5 sacks as a senior) has his stock moving up."
    -Nick's Notes: For the record, Davis, Huff, and Ngata are all off the table when this pick is made. I like that he acknowledges Lawson being a reach, but you could make the case that if you're going to reach for a guy, Lawson may be one of the better ones to reach for.

    Round 2: Joe Klopfenstein, TE, Colorado
    -Nick's Notes: Davis, Pope, and Lewis are all off the board when this pick is made. Klopfenstein is the next best TE IMO. It should be noted he does have the Rams passing on Bullocks, Jean-Gilles, and Gabe Watson to make this pick though.

    Round 3: Gerris Wilkinson, ILB, Georgia Tech
    -Nick's Notes: Wilkinson is the best MLB on the board at this point, and is probably a bit underrated IMO. Good size and good speed, team captain, good shuttle and cone numbers, somewhat disappointing bench. May be able to move outside to SAM linebacker, in my opinion.

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    Re: NFL Draft Scout Updated (4/3) Three Round Mock

    I don't know much about Lawson, so I looked him up and the first site it listed showed this:

    Vastly undersized...A DE / OLB 'tweener who may not have a clear position at the pro level...Struggles to defend the run...Needs to get stronger...Gets engulfed by massive offensive tackles...Doesn't always play with good leverage...Needs to use his hands better...Is he just a workout warrior?...Won't be a fit for every team and will need to be in the right system to succeed...Relies on speed heavily.

    I guess they were evaluating him as a DE. When reading it I couldn't help but think of Anthony Hargrove.

    So, this would be a conversion basically. Risky in the top 11.

    In Profootball weekly's analysis, one line bothered me:
    A bit tight-hipped and slow to change directions. Too straight-linish and will overrun and overpursue

    That may be a concern as a linebacker.


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    Re: NFL Draft Scout Updated (4/3) Three Round Mock

    Good draft but that TE in the 2nd is Too Early IMO.

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