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    Re: Nick's Final Two-Round NFL Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by Bar-bq View Post
    We have a high third round pick this year, basically guaranteeing us a shot at the bottom of the second tier or the top of the third tier of OT's That means we could be looking at a Carl Nicks, Oniel Cousins or Anthony Collins. Any of these players could come in and contribute. But the irony is that if all goes to plan, they won't have to. If Pace and Barron remain completely healthy, then a player such as the aforementioned can learn the position behind pace to step in as the starter in a few years.

    But here's the catch (and I think this is what Chiguy has been getting at): If we don't pick one up in the first 3 rounds, we'll regret it if either Pace or Barron goes down.

    Consider it a developmental pick to be used as an insurance policy. Next year, we may not be in position to grab a great OT, so you don't want to deny yourself that opportunity to develop a good (but not great-yet) player. If we were to neglect it until after round 4, as you suggest, there's a chance that that player wouldn't be NFL ready (or as skilled) if wither Tackle were to falter.

    Do you want to take that risk, seeing how injuries along the OL compromised our ability to play last season?
    I said I would sign Steussie or another veteran to provide insurance against injury. We just drafted Fry last year and have him as a developmental player. I would draft OL in the 5th round or later this year. I would draft OL in the first our second round if needed next year.

    We have Romberg, Setterstrom, and Gorin who have more experience then an OL guy in the 3rd round and played well in the games they played. A third round OL player might have a tough time supplanting backups Steussie G/RT, Setterstrom, Fry, and Gorin OT (26 games started last three years at OT-- 18 for Patriots). It often takes time for OL players drafted in the third round and later to make much of an impact. Barron was drafted in the first round and it took him a while to get going.

    What I am saying is yes I would like to add depth and eventualy upgrade our OL but I would do it through free agency(veteran), draft this year (5th round and later), draft next year (1st day pick). I would also look free agency next year. I would consider all the above options.

    If we are going to say its a risk to not take an OL because of injury should we not look at all the other positions as well out of fear of injury.

    What happens if the areas of need I talked about goes down. What happens if Holt goes down who do we go to then Bennett and Looker. What happens if Chavous goes down who is our SS then. What happens if Fakhir or Brown goes down or Brown gets a third strike. If you wan't to draft based on fear that players are going to go down then you need to do it for all of the positions as well. A WR in the third round could possibly push for a starting job or become the third WR. A safety could learn from Chavous and possibly push him for the starting job this year and maybe replace him next year. A CB could play in nickle and dime situations and push for a starting position.

    I really would not be disapointed at all if we went OL. My whole point was there are other areas of need where players may have a better chance of impacting our team especially if our OL remains healthy this year.
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