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    NickSeiler's 2005 First Round Mock Draft v1.2

    1. San Francisco -- Aaron Rodgers, QB, California
    -No player in this class is a hands-down first overall pick. If the ***** can't trade down, they'll go with Rodgers and pray they got a franchise quarterback.

    2. Miami -- Cedric Benson, RB, Texas
    -The Dolphins are in cap trouble and probably can't make a legit move on one of the top FA running backs. Thus, they take Benson here.

    3. Cleveland -- Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas
    -Johnson can immediately help what proved to be one of the worst run defenses in the league. His presence will be welcome in the run-heavy AFC North.

    4. Chicago -- Mike Williams, WR, USC
    -Some suggest that Braylon Edwards has jumped Williams as the best receiver in this class, but I don't think the Bears chance another Michigan wide out.

    5. Tampa Bay -- Carnell Williams, RB, Auburn
    -Gruden's in love with him, and they need a playmaker in the backfield. Any questions about receiving ability was answered at the Senior Bowl.

    6. Tennessee -- Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami
    -Rumor has it the Titans might keep one of their veteran tackles, but Samari Rolle will probably be a casualty. Replace one Rolle with another Rolle.

    7. Oakland -- Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn
    -The Raiders need an offensive playmaker in the backfield, and Brown is just that. He'll be a good addition to Norv Turner's offense.

    8. Arizona -- Alex Smith, QB, Utah
    -Green might make a run at a free agent halfback, and while McCown will probably stay in Arizona, he could use some competition.

    9. Washington -- Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan
    -Word has it that Rod Garner might be trade material. The Washington receivers aren't that special as it is, so Edwards would be a nice addition.

    10. Detroit -- Heath Miller, TE, Virginia
    -The Lions need some help on the defensive line, but I think Miller is too tempting to pass up for Mooch and the Lions.

    11. Dallas -- Adam Jones, CB, West Virginia
    -Is Pete Hunter really starting material? The Cowboys need someone to play opposite of Newman, and Pacman Jones is just the guy.

    12. San Diego (f/NYG) -- Marcus Spears, DE, L.S.U.
    -A physical force on the Chargers defensive line certainly wouldn't hurt, and Spears is perfect for their 3-4 scheme.

    13. Houston -- Alex Barron, OT, Florida State
    -Word on the street is that the Texans are committed to improving their offensive line. If Barron falls to them, they'd be in heaven.

    14. Carolina -- Shawne Merriman, OLB, Maryland
    -Jammal Brown is tempting here, but the Panthers really could use a talented addition to their linebackers, especially if they lose Fields or Witherspoon.

    15. Kansas City -- Marlin Jackson, DB, Michigan
    -Jackson has experience as both a corner and a safety, and given the state of Kansas City's secondary, he'll be worked into the line-up quickly at either position.

    16. New Orleans -- Thomas Davis, LB/S, Georgia
    -The Saints could use help at both linebacker and safety, which means Davis, who played both positions, is the kind of player they want.

    17. Cincinnati -- Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin
    -In the AFC North, you have to be able to stop the run. Hawthorne is the kind of tackle that the Bengals need to acquire to do just that.

    18. Minnesota -- Travis Johnson, DT, Florida State
    -Chris Hovan is most likely gone, so the Vikings will need someone to replace him. Enter Johnson, who some see as the best DT prospect this year.

    19. St. Louis -- Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma
    -Kyle Turley has basically talked himself off the 2005 roster, and Brown is the best right tackle prospect in this class.

    20. Dallas (f/BUF) -- Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin
    -Wiley has not been impressive, and if the Cowboys want to better their defense, they'll take a guy like James if he falls this far.

    21. Jacksonville -- David Pollack, DE, Georgia
    -The Jaguars basically have bare bones at defensive end after cutting bait with some players. Pollack would be a great addition for them.

    22. Baltimore -- Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina
    -Adding Williamson to a weak Baltimore receiving core makes perfect sense. He has the kind of size that the Ravens will like, and should be a nice target for Boller.

    23. Seattle -- Channing Crowder, LB, Florida
    -The Seahawks found out what lack of depth at linebacker did to a promising defense. Crowder could become an immediate starter for them.

    24. Green Bay -- Brandon Browner, CB, Oregon State
    -Randy Moss made short work of the Green Bay secondary, and if he stays in Minnesota, the Packers will need a big corner to take him out of games.

    25. Denver -- Shaun Cody, DL, USC
    -The Broncos need a playmaker on the interior of their defensive line, and Cody certainly has the potential to fill that roll.

    26. New York Jets -- Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn
    -Rogers seems like a perfect fit for the Jets, who really need some youth and talent in their secondary.

    27. Atlanta -- Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma
    -Probably the best free safety prospect in this class, Pool can make an immediate contribution at a position that could use an upgrade for the Falcons.

    28. San Diego -- Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma
    -The Chargers could use an upgrade on the defensive line, and Cody could be the answer there. If not, he could certainly play OLB in the Chargers' 3-4 defense.

    29 Indianapolis -- Justin Miller, CB, Clemson
    -The Colts clearly need some help in the secondary, and Miller is an exceptional cornerback with playmaking abilities.

    30 Pittsburgh -- Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma
    -Assuming Plax decides to skip town, the Steelers are going to need a receiver to replace him. Clayton isn't nearly as tall, but he's very explosive and tough.

    31 Philadelphia -- Roddy White, WR, U.A.B.
    -If the Eagles can't land a wide receiver during free agency, they'd benefit from taking White here in order to give McNabb another target to throw to.

    32 New England -- Odell Thurman, LB, Georgia
    -Thurman is a tough player with good tackling abilities. If anyone is going to help him see his potential, it's Bill Belichick.

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    Re: NickSeiler's 2005 First Round Mock Draft v1.2

    Easily the most complete and common sense mock draft so far.

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    Re: NickSeiler's 2005 First Round Mock Draft v1.2

    Well thank you very much!


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