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    NickSeiler's 2005 Mock Draft v2.0 (Two Rounds)


    1. San Francisco -- Aaron Rodgers, QB, California
    -Rodgers solidified himself as a viable first overall pick by ending debates about his height when, at the combine, he measured in at a solid 6'2". Barring a trade, the ***** will take Rogers.

    2. Miami -- Cedric Benson, RB, Texas
    -Out of sight, out of mind? Despite not working out at the combine, I still expect Benson to be the first 'back taken at this point.

    3. Cleveland -- Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas
    -With Romeo Crennel as the head coach, the Browns will be looking defense. And Johnson is the best defensive player in the class.

    4. Chicago -- Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan
    -Edwards very well be taken ahead of Williams by the Bears, who, despite signing Mushin Muhammad, could still use help at WR. Don't rule out Ronnie Brown here, though.

    5. Tampa Bay -- Carnell Williams, RB, Auburn
    -I haven't seen or heard anything that is going to end the love affair Gruden has with Williams, and I don't think the Bucs have the cap room to make a play on a free agent runner.

    6. Tennessee -- Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami
    -The Titans need to reload their secondary after cutting Samari Rolle, and despite the rising stock of Pacman Jones, Rolle will probably still be the first corner taken.

    7. Minnesota (f/OAK) -- Mike Williams, WR, USC
    -With top defenders Johnson and Rolle off the board, the Vikings will select Williams and bolster a group that has seen Moss leave and might see Kelly Campbell miss time.

    8. Arizona -- Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn
    -News remains silent on the Cardinals finding a veteran running back via trade, so taking the guy whose stock has soared as of recent seems like a smart play for Dennis Green.

    9. Washington -- Adam Jones, CB, West Virginia
    -The 'Skins need help in the secondary with Smoot hitting the market. If they land Samari Rolle, obviously this pick will change. Until then, I think Jones would be a good fit for them.

    10. Detroit -- Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin
    -Heath Miller is a tempting pick, but the Lions have gone offense with every first round pick they've had since 2000. Time to add some help to the defensive side of the ball.

    11. Dallas -- Shawne Merriman, OLB, Maryland
    -Merriman is really impressing at the combine, and Dallas could probably use him either as an outisde linebacker if they go 3-4 or perhaps even at DE, where Marcellus Wiley has been disappointing.

    12. San Diego (f/NYG) -- Marcus Spears, DE, L.S.U.
    -Is a defense going to command any respect with a defensive end named Dingle? Of course not. Spears is a much more fear-inducing name, and the Chargers know that.

    13. Houston -- Alex Barron, OT, Florida State
    -The combo of Wade/Wand doesn't inspire much faith from me, and Barron could end up being a solid left tackle for years to come in Houston. David Carr will love this pick.

    14. Carolina -- Heath Miller, TE, Virginia
    -With the top bonafide left tackle off the board and Mushin Muhammad cut, the Panthers will add an offensive weapon in the form of Heath Miller.

    15. Kansas City -- Brandon Browner, CB, Oregon State
    -With Randy Moss going to Oakland, the AFC West is going to need to find guys who will be able to cover him. At 6'4", there aren't many receivers Browner CAN'T cover.

    16. New Orleans -- Thomas Davis, LB/S, Georgia
    -This pick just makes too much sense. Davis is a LB/S 'tweener, and the Saints could use help at both the LB and S positions.

    17. Cincinnati -- Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin
    -After giving up over 250 yards to the combo of Staley/Bettis this season, the Bengals couldn't have liked the news that Bettis was coming back. Hawthorne might be the first step in slowing him down.

    18. Minnesota -- Travis Johnson, DT, Florida State
    -With pick one going to the offense, the Vikings are forced to go defense here, and Johnson would make a nice replacement for Chris Hovan on the defensive line.

    19. St. Louis -- Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma
    -Even if the Rams bring back Fred Miller as a free agent starter at right tackle, I like picking Brown here because it secures the future of the offensive line and gives Brown time to learn the system.

    20. Dallas (f/BUF) -- Alex Smith, QB, Utah
    -This is my real shocker pick of the first round. I don't think Parcells is sold on Henson, and with Smith dropping in this mock, I think the Cowboys make a move to grab another young quarterback of the future.

    21. Jacksonville -- David Pollack, DE, Georgia
    -Dream come true pick for the Jags, who need all the help they can get at defensive end. Pollack is one of the best in this class, and despite his smaller size, will be a solid force for the Jags' defense.

    22. Baltimore -- Roddy White, WR, U.A.B.
    -White has the size and speed to be a great target for up-and-comer Kyle Boller, who needs all the help he can get offensively, especially after watching Kevin Johnson leave the team.

    23. Seattle -- Channing Crowder, LB, Florida
    -Crowder could step in and be an immediate starter for the Seahawks, whose defense crumbled in 2004 after starting out strong. Depth proved to be an problem for the 'Hawks, and drafting Crowder certainly would help solve it.

    24. Green Bay -- Marlin Jackson, DB, Michigan
    -The Packers already needed help at cornerback, but they may make Darren Sharper a cap casualty if he doesn't reduce his salary. Jackson can play both CB and S, so he seems like a good fit for the Packers.

    25. Denver -- Shaun Cody, DL, USC
    -Youth is needed on the Denver defensive line, and Cody has the ability to play either as an interior tackle or on the end. Another interesting pick here could be a guard like Elton Brown or David Baas to replace Dan Neil.

    26. New York Jets -- Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn
    -If McKenzie doesn't resign with the club, they may look at a tackle like Barnes to replace him. But Rogers would be a good fit on a defense that was middle of the pack last season.

    27. Atlanta -- Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma
    -The Falcons have a glaring need at free safety, but the group in this draft class is rather weak. Price hasn't been the receiver the Falcons thought he'd be, so don't be surprised to see Atlanta take a swing at a wide out.

    28. San Diego -- Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington
    -The combination of Oben/Olivea worked for the Chargers in 2004, but Olivea is probably more suited for the interior and the Chargers can't count on Oben long-term. Barnes could be either's replacement.

    29. Indianapolis -- Justin Miller, CB, Clemson
    -While the Colts might not believe shut down corners exist anymore, that won't stop them from adding Miller here to strengthen their secondary. A middle linebacker may be another option, as Rob Morris looks to be hitting the free agent market.

    30. Pittsburgh -- Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina
    -Assuming Plax decides to skip town, the Steelers are going to need a receiver to replace him. Williamson has good size and is a nice deep threat, and just clocked a sub 4.4 40-time at the combine. Hello, Pittsburgh.

    31. Philadelphia -- Odell Thurman, LB, Georgia
    -The Eagles may or may not resign middle linebacker Jerrimiah Trotter after a Pro Bowl season for them in 2004. Regardless, they need to draft someone that will replace him, be it for this season or sometime down the road.

    32. New England -- David Baas, G, Michigan
    -A corner here makes sense with Law leaving, but the Pats didn't miss a beat with Law out in 2004. They took one of my favorite guys at the end of round one last year in Ben Watson, and I think they'll take another one here in Baas and upgrade the interior of their line.


    33. San Francisco -- Adam Terry, OT, Syracuse
    -The first thing the ***** need after grabbing their franchise QB is someone to protect him.

    34. Cleveland -- Charlie Frye, QB, Akron
    -The Browns didn't select their QB of the future in round one, but if Frye is there in the second, he's their's.

    35. Philadelphia (f/MIA) -- Ciatrick Fason, RB, Florida
    -Maybe Fason isn't the 20+ carry 'back the Eagles might be looking for, but they definitely need someone else they can put in the backfield besides Westbrook.

    36. Tampa Bay -- Mike Patterson, DT, USC
    -What better player to replace Warren Sapp than the Trojan nicknamed "Baby Sapp?"

    37. Tennessee -- Daryl Blackstock, LB, Virginia
    -The Titans could use a tackle, but they wouldn't get good value right here. Blackstock would be a nice addition to the defense.

    38. Oakland -- Kevin Burnett, LB, Tennessee
    -You need linebackers to run the 3-4, and Burnett may be able to make an immediate impact in a group without a standout OLB.

    39. Chicago -- Elton Brown, G, Virginia
    -The Bears need quality depth on the offensive line, and Brown could compete for a starting job off the bat.

    40. New Orleans -- Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn
    -Aaron Brooks isn't a top-level quarterback in the NFL, and while the Saints could use some more defensive help, Campbell could be their future.

    41. Detroit -- Ernest Shazor, SS, Michigan
    -If the Lions grab Donovan Darius from the Jags, this pick changes. But until then, they need a guy like Shazor in the secondary.

    42. Dallas -- Corey Webster, CB, LSU
    -The Cowboys upgraded their front seven in the first round, and now their secondary is pleading for an upgrade as well.

    43. New York Giants -- Lance Mitchell, LB, Oklahoma
    -Neither Kevin Lewis nor Nick Greisen really wow me as a middle linebacker. Mitchell, on the other had, does.

    44. Arizona -- Bryant McFadden, CB, Florida State
    -While he doesn't have blazing speed, McFadden does have good physical tools, and the Cardinals need help in the secondary if Starks leaves.

    45. Carolina -- Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma
    -Colin Branch had a solid year replacing Deon Grant, but the Panthers should grab Pool if he slides this far as competition at free safety.

    46. Kansas City -- Chris Henry, WR, West Virginia
    -His attitude is a problem, but the Chiefs would benefit from having his talent as a wide receiver, especially since Kennison and Morton aren't getting younger.

    47. Houston -- C.J. Mosley, DT, Missouri
    -The Texans upgraded one line in round one, and they should upgrade the other in the second round. Mosley is one of the better defensive tackles in a weak class.

    48. Cincinnati -- Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech
    -More help on the defense for Cincy, who will hope Green can become a playmaker under the guidance of head coach Marvin Lewis.

    49. Minnesota -- Oshiomogho Atogwe, S, Stanford
    -The Vikings will reportedly give Brian Russell a tender offer to remain with the club, but depth at safety should be considered for the Vikings.

    50. St. Louis -- Josh Bullocks, S, Nebraska
    -The best coverage safety after Pool, Bullocks will give the Rams an option should Adam Archuleta not work out as a free safety.

    51. Green Bay -- Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma
    -How in the world did Dan Cody slide this far? The Packers won't be asking, but instead hurrying to get this pick in.

    52. Jacksonville -- Fred Gibson, WR, Georgia
    -Jimmy Smith isn't getting any younger, and the Jags have very little actual talent behind him. Another DE like Roth could be an option, though.

    53. Baltimore -- Marcus Johnson, G, Ole Miss
    -If the Ravens want to remain one of the better rushing offenses in football, adding a guard like Johnson can't hurt.

    54. Seattle -- Vernand Morency, RB, Oklahoma State
    -Morency could be an insurance policy in the event that Alexander is either traded or the Seahawks can't work out a long term deal.

    55. Buffalo -- Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern
    -The Bills will need someone to step in for Pat Williams, and Castillo could at the very least compete for that job.

    56. Denver -- Alex Smith, TE, Stanford
    -Another defensive player may be tempting, but Smith is even more tempting as the Broncos finally find their replacement for Shannon Sharpe.

    57. New York Jets -- Eric Shelton, RB, Louisville
    -Shelton should be an adequate replacement for Lamont Jordan, and would be a nice change of pace back for the Jets.

    58. Green Bay -- Andrew Walter, QB, Arizona State
    -The Favre retirement talk is reaching an all-time high, and the Packers can't wait any longer before finding his heir.

    59. Atlanta -- James Butler, S, Georgia Tech
    -After cutting Cory Hall, the need for a free safety couldn't be greater. Butler may be a reach here, but he fills a big need for Atlanta.

    60. Indianapolis -- Barrett Rudd, LB, Nebraska
    -Rob Morris leaving for free agency leaves the MLB position open for competition, even if Gary Brackett showed some potential.

    61. San Diego -- Reggie Brown, WR, Georgia
    -Not the big playmaker the Chargers may want, but he has good size and ball skills and would be a nice target for either Brees or Rivers.

    62. Pittsburgh -- Antonio Perkins, CB, Oklahoma
    -Perkins gives the Steelers more depth at corner, and could take some return duties away from Randle El in the event that he plays a bigger role on offense.

    63. Philadelphia -- Rian Wallace, LB, Temple
    -The Eagles continue to add youth and depth to a linebacker group that didn't really have many playmakers outside of Trotter.

    64. New England -- Kirk Morrison, LB, San Diego State
    -The term is reload, not rebuild. The Pats need to add depth to their inside linebacker group before too long, especially after Bruschi's health scare.

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    Re: NickSeiler's 2005 Mock Draft v2.0 (Two Rounds)

    You know this just goes to show how different this draft superstars, but tons of depth. When else would the super bowl champs be able to claim a couple of talents like David Baas & Kirk Morrison with the 32nd and 64th pick, except in a solid deep draft like this one. On the other hand, when else would the top picking whiners have to pay top-pick dollars for guys like Aaron Rodgers & Adam Terry, except in a solid deep draft w/o superstars?


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