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  • Sam Bradford, QB

    45 63.38%
  • Jimmy Clausen, QB

    1 1.41%
  • Dez Bryant, WR

    0 0%
  • Russell Okung, OT

    1 1.41%
  • Ndamunkong Suh, DT

    22 30.99%
  • Gerald McCoy, DT

    0 0%
  • Eric Berry, S

    1 1.41%
  • Joe Haden, CB

    1 1.41%
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    Bralidore(RAMMODE) Guest

    Re: Niner's Fan - I come in Peace

    I used to be in the Suh camp when Bradford's shoulder was still up in the air and no reports on him and his progress were out. I slowly started to camp hop between the two when news about Bradford's shoulder started to come back overwhelmingly positive. I am now firmly Pro Bradford and though I love Suh, we need a Field General more than a rookie defensive tackle for our our already extensive DT rotation.

    People don't give our D-Line credit and that's understandable due to our trouble against the run for the majority of the season. What people don't realize is our young Defensive Line was coming together at the end of the season with Long getting his sacks, Dorell Scott coming along, and Clifton Ryan playing up to his potential. People seem not to acknowledge that our defensive line minus little and hall was extremely young and inexperienced and were progressing nicely. I'm quite anxious to see their progress come training camp and if they progress like they were last year then Suh would be an even less valued pick for US.

    If we get a pass rushing specialist with speed to complement Long than we should have a fairly good line up front.

    As for the QB spot. We could hope that Feeley comes in and does what he's never been able to do (in very limited playing time) and have a big season, hope that Null progresses rapidly in training camp, but that seems to me far more far fetched than our defensive line progressing from everything we've seen last year. I think Null COULD be pretty darn good and be a solid backup for us and maybe even a starter in the future for another team, but the Rams FO can't afford to wait that long with far fetched hope.

    Bradford 2010.

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    harrydog's Avatar
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    Re: Niner's Fan - I come in Peace

    Well, excellent arguments can (and have been) made by both camps. Either way we should be getting a player who will upgrade the team significantly although things will not be turned around over night, regardless of who the pick is.
    I still favor Suh but I can certainly live with Bradford and I'll be optimistic about the future with either of them.
    If we do take Bradford (and I think we will) I hope we take someone who can help generate a pass rush in the second round. Maybe someone like Jerry Hughes or Brandon Graham. Depends on who's available. The second pick is almost as intriguing as the first.

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    The Optimistic Lamb Guest

    Re: Niner's Fan - I come in Peace

    Sam Bradford is the hype right now. A month ago it was Suh by a landslide. I think it was like 91%

    But anyway, my one piece of advice Mr. Fortywhiner, is that our front office is very independent and tends to make decisions that disagree with most fans (initially). The fact that the Rams need a Qb, wont decide their pick. If they pick Bradford it will be because he is the better player over Suh.

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    jhigginsluckow Guest

    Re: Niner's Fan - I come in Peace

    Bradford was "officially" your pick. Check out the Niners MB if you'd like to see it continue! (may be a bit yet, my account hasn't been approved there yet)

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    MACD is offline Registered User
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    Re: Niner's Fan - I come in Peace

    I personally think Bradford will bust. Just a gut feeling - he doesn't have the voice of a franchise QB.
    You obviously didn't listen to his combine interview. Very polished, very smart.

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    Re: Niner's Fan - I come in Peace

    It's funny, I remember a few years ago dreaming about Bradford being a Ram. I remember watching the game where Sam got hurt and I said "Of course. The one guy I want to see do well this year so the Rams might have their new Franchise QB!"

    Then I became an advocate for taking Suh and I'd still be happy with that but Bradford definitely has the hype on him right now and I can't say that it isn't exciting to potentially have a new face to the franchise...
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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