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Thread: No Suh for you!

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    Re: No Suh for you!

    No matter the person will not change the entire teams win loss ratio. That being said, if you have a chance to take the best player coming out of college. at any position...grab him because it will make your team better.
    Alot has been said about getting a QB...Did Marc Bulger fall off the edge of the earth?...I cant say if anyone coming out of college is that measurably better than the Tin Man. Look who he has to throw to...2 recievers from the Eagles PRACTICE SQUAD...a Second round second year reciever and (not bellitling their skills) but 2 other NFL jouneymen/throwaways. 3 years ago, our O-line was in shambles..and Marc was getting we boast a line with a better than average interior and a 1st rounder on the edge. We need to focus hard on the 3 legged approach to get skilled players for total team improvement. 1 ) Draft- get the best players available. We have the 1st and 33rd pick. We should be locked in on specific needs by draft day and just pull the trigger. 2) Free agency-- the biggest delimna there is other than for the money...who WANTS to come to the Rams. We need Recievers BAD and we cant wait for developmental players to blossom. Giving Bulger recievers will solve 50% of our quaterback problems 3) Trades- again being traded to the Rams would seem like punishment so anyone coming this way generally is because of underacheiving and the player getting out of the Louis is "finally free (See Witherspoon for Gibson)
    We have a long way to go...if we give up on Marc, then we give up on the salary...can we afford 2 qbs making that much....NOOOOO...that would take us out of the FA market for sure...spend on Suh....make a great 2nd round pick (Best reciever, qb, lb, de) available .....entice a reciever with experience ,speed and size to solidify your recieveng corp of Micky and Minnie.

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    Re: No Suh for you!

    If there were a QB like Peyton Manning available .. then perhaps there'd be an argument to take a Qb in the first round .. but there isn't. Drafting Suh would instantly upgrade our D-line a position of need. I have a feeling Chris Long wouldn't mind either. We also have a few other holes:

    Not necessarily in that order .. We've got so many holes to fill that going BPA in the first three rounds would be fine with me. If another team is willing to "give up the farm" for Suh, then maybe a trade would be ok, but I agree completely with Nick, that the odds of such a trade occurring are basically slim and none ...

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    Re: No Suh for you!

    Even if we get a 1st this year and next year..for our pick..

    I would still advocate picking up McKoy or Terrence cody with the pick...NO QB in first round period....unless someone goes crazy good in combine, then maybe but still not 1st overall

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    Re: No Suh for you!

    Honestly, and I realize I say this as a biased individual, but Suh is quite literally the best player in the draft. There is no eye-boggling QB. Not Clausen, not Bradford. If anything, take Dan from CMU and wing it with Vick or a serviceable QB.

    Suh has insane instincts for his position. A lot of people want Suh for a reason. I believe Suh to be to the defense as to what Pace was originally for the O.

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    Re: No Suh for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by peramoure View Post
    I've been doing some thinking, and I don't think
    Suh is ***THE*** most coveted player in the draft. We control his fate, and we get what want in whatever trade there is. Everyone in the league would love to have him, but Suh as a DT cannot make the same impact as a franchise, Manning/Brady/Breesesque QB.

    TRADE DOWN! Even if only a few spots, we still get Bradford or Clausen, we pull off a Chargers/Giants type trade and get all sorts of picks to fill ALL the holes we have.


    Everyone in the league would love to have him, you said and it's true, just because he's far better player than anyone on following draft. So, if everyone would love to have him, than we must have him, without thinking , re-thinking, trading or even dreaming about anything else. Man, I am tired of opposite QB's having all the time in the world to tear us apart every single Sunday (and than, we cursing Gorrer). With Suh down there, these times will be gone and benefits Chris Long would enjoy from Suh, is another, I believe, pleasant story.

    Oh, yes, for QB spot, we can call up Jamie 'Invisible' Martin, if he's, by some miracle, still available.

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