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    Not Many Teams Interested in Torry Holt

    Not Many Teams Interested in Torry Holt
    Posted Mar 14th 2009 1:17PM by Ryan Wilson (RSS feed)

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    When the Cowboys released Terrell Owens, teams around the league couldn't issue their "Yeah, we'll pass on pursuing T.O." statements fast enough. Obviously, the Bills weren't one of those teams, but the speed at which other organizations expressed their lack of interest was dizzying, and proof that maybe Owens' talent was no longer enough to overcome his behavior in the eyes of most NFL front offices.

    Except that such a line of reasoning doesn't explain why virtually the same thing is happening to Torry Holt, released Friday by the Rams. The 32-year-old, seven-time Pro Bowler continues to play at a high level, but St. Louis, a team with five victories in two seasons and now in rebuilding mode, cleared salary cap space by dropping Holt (as well as left tackle Orlando Pace). It happens; the NFL is a business, after all.

    Although Holt has only been a free agent for barely a day, the Giants, Jets, Vikings and Panthers aren't in the running for his services (or at least that's the story they're concurrently spinning) -- and Holt is the anti-T.O. in that he's a swell teammate and actually quite proficient in catching the football. Maybe teams are wary about signing a 30-something player on the downside of a great career, or maybe Holt's contract demands are mental. Whatever, it's peculiar.

    According to the National Football Post, the Rams were close to trading Holt before the deal fell through.
    The Titans were on the verge of completing a trade for ... Holt [Thursday], sources close to the situation informed [NFP]. The NFP has also learned that the deal between the Titans and Rams fell through because Holt refused to restructure his current contract. Holt's refusal not only caused the potential trade to fall apart, but also led to his release from the St. Louis Rams earlier today.
    The Titans -- like the Giants, Jets, Vikings and Panthers -- seem like a logical fit, but apparently Holt didn't want to take a pay cut. And similar to Samari Rolle, who will likely be released on Monday because he wouldn't restructure his current contract, there's no guarantee Holt finds a team to pay him what he thinks he's worth.

    That's not to say he's not worth it, just that cap restrictions, the risk associated with signing an older player and the go-to excuse in this day and age -- the economy -- all play a part. Still, assuming he's willing to make concessions, I'm sure Holt will find work in short order. And I'd think the Cowboys would be a potential suitor except that Jerry Jones appears quite content with his current stable of wide receivers.


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    Re: Not Many Teams Interested in Torry Holt

    Like I said in another thread, I think Torry is overestimating his current value. Had the Rams been competitive last season, he'd be generating a lot more interest. As it is, we may see him knocking on the door of the Rams FO again, asking to come back in - but I seriously, seriously doubt that would ever happen.


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