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    Off season acquisitions

    Last year I thought the Rams FO was very active in bring in and signing players. This off season what are your expectations? This is one areas I think the FO is doing a better job at post Martz I hope they continue.

    Sign Curtis and Extend Marc

    Sign DT. MLB, DE and NT.

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    Re: Off season acquisitions

    I would be fine with not signing Curtis. He's going to be offered good money from other teams, he will most likely be a hefty price for a 3rd WR. He's a good player, but we still have Ike and Holt, I don't see Curtis fitting into the team any longer. Plus you want to see the guy succeed with his talent, not get wasted on the bench waiting for proven players to fall. The money we save from not resigning KC should go straight to the defensive line.

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    Re: Off season acquisitions

    i think we should draft a wr middle to later in the draft. with holt and bruce not getting any younger, we need to start planning for the future in that position. wr (other than qb) is really the only position where we don't really have any youth.


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