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    Offensive Guard

    So it's time to talk about the single most controversial player on this team. Richie Icognito. Those who love Richie, love his fire and strength and aggressiveness. Those who hate him, hate how he can be stupid and thick headed and make stupid penalties. We all hoped that Spags could change that. And I must say, I think he has. As far as I can tell, he hasn't been called for a lot of penalties. He was playing well on the offensive line and everyone was gelling. When he went down, the offensive line play started to go down as well. Maybe there is a connection there, maybe there isn't.

    I would love for him to get a new contract and be playing for us in the future. The thought of a Brown-Icognito-run mauling offensive tackle gives me goosebumps.

    If someone had data that proved me otherwise, I would love to see it. I can only base my statement on the games that I have watched.

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    Re: Offensive Guard

    I like what richie adds to the line and I think if we keep that interior line group together they will just keep getting better. I don't think he will cost that much. Continuity is verry important on a line and keeping a group with at least Smith, Bell, Brown, and Cogs and mmaybe Goldberg will help alot. The one problem with Cogs is he hurts the continuity every year because he has never played 16 games. That hurts, but I think we have built enough depth to cope.

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    Re: Offensive Guard

    I don't know. We'll see. The run-duo of Brown-Incognito isn't bad, but when you add in Bell in there, it makes it a bit worse. IMO, Bell does a nice job of pass protecting, but against the run, he makes the occasional good play, and then consistently afterwards gets no push whatsoever due to his smaller frame.

    If I was going to get a new guard, I would get one of the bigger specimens in this year's draft to rotate in and out with Bell, like:

    Mike Iupati -Idaho (6'5, 335lbs.)

    Brandon Carter -Texas Tech (6'7, 355lbs.)

    John Jerry -Ole Miss (6'5, 350lbs.)

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