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    Offensive Guard Upgrade?

    Is it time for an offensive guard upgrade? And not the LG. I think Adam Goldberg is a great-back up, but we need a long-term starter at RG, someone who is bigger and can give the interior a push alongside Jason Brown.

    Goldberg is decent in pass-protection, but I find that he struggles getting a solid push in the run game. That's why John Greco is substituted in a lot of times to help give the o-line a bigger, stronger blocker.

    However, John Greco still isn't a starter, and one must then question his pass blocking, which may be the reason why he isn't starting.

    I think it's time to draft a big, mauler-type guard who is a bulldozer in the run game and a capable pass blocker. Steven Jackson needs more room to show his full running capabilities, and a stud RG can help this.

    Here are some candidates that we could potentially draft:

    Mike Pouncey 6'5 330 (1st-2nd round)

    Pouncey has elite size and strength for an offensive guard, and he destroys defenders in the run game. Gets good upper and lower body drive However, he lacks great athleticism, and his pass blocking although capable, has room to improve. Pouncey has the potential to be a very solid lineman in the NFL.

    Gabe Carimi 6'8 320 (2nd round)

    Carimi is Wisconsin's left tackle. However, his raw-ness and lack of elite athleticism may require him to transition to right tackle or guard in the NFL. Uses his size to manhandle people in the run game, and uses his long arms and quick feet while pass blocking. Can get to the second level consistently. Him and John Moffitt create probably the most menacing duo in the NCAA.

    Marcus Cannon 6'6 350 (2nd-4th round)

    Massive size and superb strength. Has really agile feet, and usually gets to the second level while run blocking. Shows good hand use. He is surprisingly quite polished as a blocker, and can kick out to tackle if needed. However, he lacks killer instinct, and needs to improve his knee bend. His love for football is questionable. (Not sure if the last part is true.)

    Ben Ijalana 6'3 320 (3rd-4th round)

    Looks like a man among boys on the field. Has long arms and great feet, which he uses very effectively in pass blocking. More of a finesse blocker than a true mauler in the run game, so his best fits would be at LT and LG. However, if he improves his strength and run blocking, RG may be a good fit.

    John Moffitt 6'5 320 (3rd-4th round)

    Strong, blue-collar blocker who is polished both in run and pass blocking. Alongside Gabe Carimi, the two anchor a menacing Wisconsin offensive line due to their size, strength, tenacity, and work ethic. John Moffitt reminds me of a better, stronger, and more polished version of John Greco. He isn't the best knee bender and lacks agility, and needs to improve in these areas.

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    Re: Offensive Guard Upgrade?

    I would love a stud guard, but after investing a lot of money in Smith, Saffold, Bell and Brown i cant see them taking an interior lineman in the first few rounds. Maybe if the best player available at the time is a guard, they might just go with it

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    Re: Offensive Guard Upgrade?

    I'm going to give you a "yes and no" answer.

    Yes, I do think there should be an open competition next year at the OG position.

    No, I don't think the Rams should consider taking an OG early in the draft.

    Many top OGs are found in the mid to late rounds (4-7). I would have no problem with the Rams drafting an OG in that area of the draft and giving him a chance to compete for a starting position.

    That said, if the starters next year are Bell and Goldberg, we could do worse. There's something to be said about keeping the unit together and letting them grow as players.

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    Re: Offensive Guard Upgrade?

    I agree, I appreciate what Goldberg has done this year, but the fact of the matter he is playing out of position. His ideal position is being our third tackle.

    We could use a big nasty mauler at RG to solidify our line, however more pressing needs on this team still remain. I would rather draft a fast play making OLB or SS, and if we don't sign a big time FA wide receiver, then that has to be where our first pick goes if the value is right.

    However if Mike Pouncey plays like his brother is playing, no one could argue with that pick.

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    Re: Offensive Guard Upgrade?

    i would definitely be open to a guard in the first if we thought he was a difference maker, but there may be better options where we will likely be picking. there are a number of quality receivers and d-linemen in this draft.

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    Re: Offensive Guard Upgrade?

    Yes, I think an upgrade at offensive guard would be nice. Since we're currently picking 11th in the first round though, I'd like to see it come later.

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