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    Offensive Line PRESSURE

    I was a Suh guy, then all the hub-bub sank in and I agree we need a QB. Although Im not sold on Bradfords health reports stating that he is just as likely to injure his non throwing shoulder as the one repaired, but I dont have to be thats Despags job.

    What I find interesting is our Oline.
    Our starting LT took a knee to the head and missed most of the season after injuring his knee early on, yet this year hes just going to step right in and be our guy at LT. He has no experience to speak of at the position so he is basically a rookie imo.
    Our starting RT as of now, is still the mental giant. Mr. Focus easily has the talent to be a top tackle in the NFL, but lacks ANY measure of accountability for his salary or job description. Im sure he is aware we would rather have a 3rd or 4rth round rookie starting in his place, which I'll bet makes him want to play that much harder for us. He didnt even play well in his so called PAYDAY year, again a testament to his knowledge of how things work in the NFL. In this case I HOPE we start a rookie.
    Our LG and C Im ok with, some may not be but to each his own. I like Brown because he is consistent and Bell I just keep hoping hes going to play up to his pay someday.
    Our RG its going to be a competition from my understanding, and I hope Fraley can win the spot, or Greco can emerge.

    The point.
    I wonder which of these guys is the most excited knowing we are about to dump 70+ million on Plastic Sam.
    Talk about pressure, Bulger at least kept getting up until the defense finally broke his leg. I dont see Sam being HALF as durable (his college career) as Bulger. I was NEVER a fan of Bulger but when you look back and kinda laugh about it,That was one TOUGH S.O.B.
    I hope Bradford is as accurate throwing from his ass, because behind this line, even though I think they will have improved with another year together, that is a skill he will have to develop, along with making line calls, reading defenses, learning about hot routes, and of course how to run for his freakin life with all the blitzes a rookie QB will see.

    I hope he does well I really do, but I've been a Rams fan for over 10 years and nothing will change that, but hope is ALL we have EVERY year and this year will be funny to watch in my sarcastic opinion.

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    Re: Offensive Line PRESSURE

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think if this offensive line finds some rhythm, it'll be fine; no injuries and it'll be an above average line. I also don't think they'll be stupid with Bradford either. He obviously will need time to develop and I think if they feel he's the best QB to start Week 1, he'll more than likely be handing the ball off to SJax and another change of pace RB most of the time. This offense doesn't require a QB to throw 50 times a game and fortunately for Bradford, his accuracy will help tremendously with the quick slants incorporated in the WCO allowing him to get rid of the ball quickly. If these variables are played out well by the coaches, I don't see Bradford being a problem, durability wise.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Offensive Line PRESSURE

    Heh..."Mr. Focus"?!...Lol!! Bwahahaha!!
    Now THAT'S funny!!

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    Re: Offensive Line PRESSURE

    I like your thread.

    What if some team picks up OT A. Barron. (Buffalo) The Rams will get a 2nd round pick for compensation.
    Who will play RT in Barron's place? Are Rams using Suh, Bradford or McCoy as trade bait to draft a OT in round one of the draft.

    Will Rams match any offer and keep Barron. With nobody trying to sign him for a second round tender are the Rams using this as contract negotiations to sign him long term.

    Nobody knows but the Rams front office.
    RT A. Barron
    RG J. Greco
    C Brown
    LG Bell
    LT Smith

    I like the line as long as there is no injuries. Barron is dependable in staying healthy. His mental mistakes is his only problem. Not bad as a player.

    If the Rams lose OT Barron and draft a rookie to take his place. I hope Bradford sits on the bench for his first year. Let QB Feeley get killed out there.

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    Re: Offensive Line PRESSURE

    well I'm pretty sure we had most of our sacks last year because other teams had 8 men in the box almost all the time. That will probly change this year if we get some other threats besides Jackson, and I think other teams will see that Bradford is much better than Bulger and that it will come back to bite them if they send up 8 men each time.

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