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    keith m. klink Guest

    OFFENSIVE line- your thoughts

    It seems to be the case again this year just as last , we want more O-LINEMAN drafted and just can't figure WHO -WHAT or WHERE . I 've seen already we need a new OT , we want a franchise CENTER and for some reason people want a GUARD drafted early . FIRST , what do we have , who is leaving ( FA's or cut's ) and what are we really doing . WE either REBUILD the whole line and set the line for a long while or fit in pieces and hope thats a good fit. so this is what i have come up with.

    O-TACKLE-..... PACE- ( 11th yr, injuries)
    .....BARRON ( solid one day , false start queen of NFL)
    .....GOLDBERG (FA, loose linehans pal , UPGRADE 3rd OT ) ,

    O-GUARD- ..... BELL-( New long contract, have to make it work)
    ..... INCOGNITO ( firery, headstrong , undiciplined. might go)
    ..... GRECO-( 2nd year , training to play all pos. G-T-C. This is
    GOLDBERGS replacement as SWISS ARMY KNIFE.
    ..... SCHUENNING-( 2nd year mauler- could challenge .
    ..... SETTERSTROM ( injuries , but solid at Gand could be our C,

    CENTER- ...... ROMBERG(good but not a monster mauler, FRANCHISE
    Center is needed to solidify line for years to come .
    ...... LECKEY ( maybe a decent backup, but others could
    fill that role. might have to drop one or both and start
    with a high pick rookie , or FA .,

    I would like to draft a TACKLE and CENTER in the first 5
    rounds , to go with a ILB - SS - DE . ,

    I feel we can get a big stuffer in the last 2 rounds or a
    possible FA, pickup like,
    COLIN COLE - PACKERS -6-1, 330. 4TH YR.,

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    Re: OFFENSIVE line- your thoughts

    I like your first five rounds, but would replace the DE with a quarterback to begin developing. If the new HC goes to a 3-4 then DE may not be too much of a problem anyway.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: OFFENSIVE line- your thoughts

    You make a good point my friend. I couldn't agree more.

    I could honestly say this would be the line up...

    Pace - Bell - Rookie - Cogs - Rookie

    The back ups being

    Goldberg, Schuening, Greco, Romberg, Barron, Setterstrom.

    When Pace retires

    Rookie - Bell - Rookie - Cogs - Barron

    Good post though.

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