Even just looking back as far as 2000, it's clear that the NFL has changed, and that pass blocking tackles are now right at the top of the list in round one, The NFL went decdes between tackles taken first overall, but now it's happened 3times since `1997.

In addition, a far larger number have gone in the top five and top ten than ever before.

The importance of that position, plus the lack of human beings capable of playing that position, 325 pound ballerinas, and the relative low risk in scouting that position compared to others, has made them a hot item early in round one.

All that old, "You don't draft O-linemen earlY' has totally gone out the window since 2000.

Just look at the last 8 drafts to illustrte this point.

For six years, 2000 through 2005, there were 5 tackles drafted in the top five picks, and no year with more than one. There were seven taken in the top 10.

The last eight drafts, there have been 13 tackles taken in the top five, including THREE in 2013. Three other times, two of the top five were OT .

And that number grows to 15 in top ten picks spent on tackles.

Because so many schools are using pass happy offenses, it makes it easier to see how the best of the tackles look in pass coverage, tons of tape on each guy. The quality of weight programs make these guys NFL ready physically, more so that probably any position, and now they also have the technique to go along with that strength.

Now you don't have to train the top guys over a year or three, which makes them ever so valuable, since franchise tackles hardly ever move, and get the franchise tag more than any position.

This year, looking the available talent pool, you will probably see two tackles in the top five, and as many as four in the top 10.

Looking at the trend I have illustrated, that should come as no surprise.