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Thread: Oh dear god...

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    Re: Oh dear god...

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    Guys you forget they have the 14th pick as well which they plan to use to draft C.J. Spiller. Giving them 2 studs at WR, a dynamic RB who can hit the home run in both the backfield and in the return game, and that wonderful TE that gives us fits everytime we play them; sounds pretty good to me.

    Then next year they have a shot at one of the QB's in next years draft (who's lot is going to be much better than this years) to groom for a year until ole' Hassleback retires or is really is a good plan.
    I do realize they have the pair of first rounders & if I were to chop off my gonads & stick a feather up my wazoo & become a Hag fan, I would want them to take a QB & a LT. Our Clan friend, Scott Wright, has them taking Bradford,I think. Kirwan thinks they'll go for Clausen. I'd say get the LT & QB now & ease them in. How often do you get two first rounders that high? I don't see how you can plan to be picking top ten next year or even project what will be available.

    Other options might be possible (DE,WR,safety) but RB for either would be a surprise to me.I hope they do.
    Jones is done,Trufant looks like he's done, Hass is getting Bulgerized, the Milloy experiment was a flop...The Hags are a bit of a mess. Not as bad as The Rams but still a beautiful thing to see.

    I don't see their run game as a major weakness & Spiller doesn't fill a hole; he's not an every down back, so they say,right? Jones is decent; he was hurt most of last year & Forsett is an electric 3rd down guy. If healthy, I think that's a solid 1-2 rush punch.

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    Re: Oh dear god...

    Quote Originally Posted by molar_pistol View Post
    people over-do so much of this kind of stuff...the guy's a terror, and will be a problem for us for a long time if this happens.
    I agree, the guy is good and in a weak division where last years champs have lost 2 of there best offensive players this opens the door for everyone now,so the Seahawks go and grab Marshall and the Rams get Feeley so the first round goes to the Seahawks, lets hope the Rams do better with there next move.

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    Re: Oh dear god...

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    If the Seahawks are able to sign Marshall and Denver does not match, they would have to give up a first round pick. I'm not certain if the rules dictate which one they'd have to give up (their pick, #6, or the one obtained through a trade, #14).

    Even if its the #14 pick, I'd question whether Seattle would be getting the better end of the deal. Seattle needs an OT, RB, QB (at least for long term), and pass rusher. Instead, they'd get a talented, but pricey, WR with conduct issues.
    Why would you question if Seattle would get the better end of the deal? He is hands down a top WR in the NFL. On the field his stats are top notch? The Coaches are from Denver and they know Marshall and all about his off the field issues and still feel he is worth picking up.

    So Seattle has no need at WR. Last I check they had a big need at WR.

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    Re: Oh dear god...

    It doesn't bother me that Marshall or Watson won't be Rams. There are 32 teams in the league all of which are trying to improve their roster every off season. Since we are clearly in the rebuilding mode and need talent upgrades at many positions, I'd prefer our recently hired FO and head coach to address those needs via the draft. Every year there are talented players available in the draft who will become solid or great players. Many of them will do so at very reasonable rates compared to the rates the Julius Peppers, and Brandon Marshalls of the league will demand. We are not one or two players away from the Super Bowl, we are more likely 8 or 10 players away from going 8-8 or 9-7.

    If the Rams organization, (Billy D, Spags, personnel guys and scouts) has performed its due diligence come draft day, we'll acquire some of those talented players at a far more affordable price than trying to outbid other teams for aging veterans. Obviously paying the number one pick overall will be expensive, which is why we can't afford to miss on that one. I'm for taking a DT with the pick, but I'm just a fan, so in the end I'll be rooting for whichever guy the Rams pick.

    Great teams end up playing other great teams at the end of the season. We need to find our own great players via the draft, and develop them. I say let's not worry about what the Hags, Whiners and Cards do, as it's beyond our control. Most of us here appear to approve of the direction in which our Rams new leaders are guiding the team. We certainly are well positioned in the upcoming draft to acquire some really good talent, and I believe we will.

    Clearly Billy and Spags wanted a younger team, young guys that will buy into their vision, and grow together as a team. We'll have a brand new group of young eager guys by the end of next month, and I can't wait to see how they develop. I'm not worried about the Hags acquiring Marshall, I'm more concerned with the Rams having a solid 2010 draft, and coaching up those players. If we nail this draft, we'll forget about Marshall ...

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    Re: Oh dear god...

    Two updates...

    Sources: Offer not imminent news services
    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    SEATTLE -- Despite a potentially huge price to acquire his services, the Seattle Seahawks are going to take their shot at impressing Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

    The star Broncos receiver, and restricted free agent, will visit with the Seahawks on Saturday, a team spokesman said on Friday night. first reported Marshall's visit.

    The cost to get Marshall out of Denver could be significant. Denver slapped a first-round tender on Marshall earlier this week, meaning Seattle would have to surrender the No. 6 pick in April's draft as compensation to the Broncos if the two teams cannot work out a trade.

    The reward for Seattle could be the big play receiver the Seahawks need even if he comes with past problems. Marshall has caught more than 100 passes in three straight seasons.

    However, Marshall is not expected to sign an offer sheet Saturday with Seattle, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

    The visit is not meant as an immediate step toward a signing; rather it's a get-to-know-each other visit in a process that is not expected to be quick.

    Marshall, who began and ended last season in coach Josh McDaniels' dog house but in between caught 101 passes and 10 touchdowns, received a first-round qualifying offer from the Broncos on Wednesday -- which would make it easier to facilitate a trade.

    Marshall, who turns 26 this month, would get a 14.7 percent raise next season to $2.521 million if he's still in Denver.

    The source of his discontent last summer was twofold: he was angry with the team's medical staff for misdiagnosing a hip injury that required surgery, and he wasn't happy with his contract.

    A fourth-round draft pick in 2006, Marshall said he should be compensated like other elite wide receivers.

    He set an NFL record by catching 21 passes for 200 yards and two touchdowns in a loss to Indianapolis, but just a few weeks later he showed up 20 minutes late for treatment on a pulled hamstring and was benched for the season finale.

    If he comes to Seattle, Marshall would be reunited with offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates, who worked as an offensive assistant with the Broncos until last season when he went to Southern California to becomes the offensive coordinator for Pete Carroll. Now the duo are with the Seahawks, along with Seattle quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch, who coached receivers in Denver until last season.

    And receiver is quickly becoming a need for the Seahawks. They saw Nate Burleson leave for Detroit in the first hours of free agency and haven't made a decision on underperforming Deion Branch, whom the team spent a first-round pick to acquire in a trade from New England at the start of the 2006 season.

    If Branch does not return, Seattle would have only one wide receiver -- T.J. Houshmandzadeh -- on its roster that caught more than 15 passes last season.

    Broncos' Marshall visiting Seahawks
    March, 6, 2010
    By Mike Sando

    Chris Egan of King-5 TV in Seattle has confirmed Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall's arrival by seaplane at Seahawks headquarters, and he thankfully did it without reference to the team making a splash in free agency.

    Marshall is a restricted free agent tendered to a first-round draft pick, meaning the Seahawks would have to risk the sixth overall choice -- not the 14th, acquired from Denver via trade -- if they signed the receiver to an offer sheet. I would be shocked if Seattle took that route, particularly absent a market for Marshall. Working out a trade with Denver would make much more sense.

    The Seahawks will spend the afternoon getting to know Marshall and renewing acquaintances (their offensive coordinator, Jeremy Bates, coached Marshall in Denver). Seattle might be wise to let the market for Marshall become more clearly defined. I haven't seen reports suggesting additional teams have serious interest. The Ravens acquired Anquan Boldin, diminishing any interest they might have had for a receiver with Marshall's credentials.

    The Seahawks know Denver wants to trade Marshall. They know Marshall wants out of Denver badly.

    Those circumstances could make it plausible for the Seahawks to negotiate a lower price for Marshall. The Antonio Cromartie situation in San Diego could be instructive here. The Chargers wanted to trade him. Cromartie, like Marshall, carried baggage. The Chargers wound up settling for a 2011 conditional draft choice.

    Marshall should have more value than Cromartie, but how much more? It's an upset if Seattle parts with a 2010 first-round choice under the circumstances.

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    Re: Oh dear god...

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldenfleece View Post
    How do you know that's their plan? How do you know he'll be available when they pick? How do you know they'll be picking early enough to get a quarterback that will be better than all of this class or if there even will be a quarterback in that class who is any better? If that's their plan, it's going all in for the inside straight.
    That's why it's called a plan GF, but as with all plans you have to have a back up.
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    Re: Oh dear god...

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    That's why it's called a plan GF, but as with all plans you have to have a back up.
    I'm just saying it's not a good idea to create plans based on multiple events of high uncertainty. I don't think it prudent to let assumptions about next year's draft have a significant affect on a team's decisions in this year's. Sure, maybe you're more willing to trade for another team's future picks if that team is expected to perform poorly or if the next year's draft looks to be particularly stocked, but a year ahead of time you don't even know who is going to declare.

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