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Well Nick, my point was that Suh isn't universally regarded as the best player or even defensive player in the draft, though yes, after i posted i realized i probably overexaggerated that.

I'm not holding anything against Suh, I'm simply saying that he isn't universally considered the best prospect, even though its rare that you'd find a guy who is.

I don't care how often a guy or QB is drafted first overall, does not mean the Rams would ahve taken him first overall. Same with Locker, noone knows how the Rams had Locker graded, and reportedly one of the reasons Locker stayed in school was because he graded out of the first round by a scouting agency. I've also read information from multiple sources that the Rams were interested in Vick, doesn't give them a cred of credibility.

I don't get how you didn't understand the second quote. All guys regarded as "Franchise QBs" by the media aren't graded similar nor are they seen as such by all NFL teams. Every draft SOMEONE has to go 1 overall, doesn't mean they deserve it. Alex Smith went 1, the ***** reportedly weren't keen on it.

I know that some guys think Jimmy is better than Bradford and I wasn't arguing that, I was simply saying that Suh isn't universally regarded as a man god and the best defensive guy in the draft, let alone ever. Devaney himself states that he couldn't choose between Suh and Mccoy.

Mccoy has been slated as our pick by ESPN analyst because he fits our scheme better as a one gap penetrator. Suh himself states that teams point out his main weakness is being that penetrator and pass rusher. Check out his interview from yesterday or today (i forgot which day). If you haven't heard that then you simply did not see some of the mock drafts and reasonings that I have on NFL.com. As I remember Mayock had Mccoy ahead of Suh in overall rankings.

When I said out of place, i was wrong. I meant to say more people than Mayock believe Moccy is a "better fit" than Suh is in our system due to his explosiveness and gap pentration skills. Said the wrong thing there.
I think I recall you saying that some Suh proponents in this forum are going out of their way to find reasons/excuses why Bradford shouldn't be drafted #1 by the Rams. Seems to me, as a Bradford proponent, you're basically doing the same thing with Suh.