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    One Guy Who I'm Really "High" On Right Now...

    Scuse the corny pun in the title....

    Stewart Bradley, OLB, Nebraska.

    Everything about him screams solidity, good size, decent speed, and has played the Strong Side for the last three years of his college career. I'm compelled to argue that he'd be a nice pick of available in round two, provided we don't trade the pick for Jenkins.

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    Drew Guest

    Re: One Guy Who I'm Really "High" On Right Now...

    yeah id love to get him in round 2 if that pick is still available..aslong as we get jenkins for a 3rd ....then that would mean we could take say anderson in the first,if we dont get jenkins for a 3rd we would need to take say branch in the first and then someone like crowder or johnson in round all depends on if we get jenkins for a 3rd and whatever really IMHO!

    only downside on bradley in my eyes is his eighties style mullet ....thank god for helmets!

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    Re: One Guy Who I'm Really "High" On Right Now...

    How is a mullet a bad thing? Mullets were the best part of the 80's. Nothing screams a beast in your linebacking corps like a Brian Bosworth style mullet.

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    Re: One Guy Who I'm Really "High" On Right Now...

    Bradley is the main reason I don't want to trade for Jenkins. He is by far the best SAM backer in this draft. We need one bad and there is a huge drop off after him. Also, Mullets are bad, no one has any reason to have one ever! Of course, no one should ever take hair advice from me as I do not have any. I shave my head due to partial baldness and want it all to fall out. Lastly, the only good part of the 80's was the end of them.


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