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    Overall, Good Draft

    Well, we nabbed a short, speedy corner who can supposedly keep up with the horse-sized receivers, two solid tight ends, a good D-End who could compete with Hargrove and possibly someday take over for Little, a strong DT who could be better than the DT's taken ahead of him, a linebacker who can switch back to safety similiar to Arch and a punt returner who could be a Swiss Army knife.

    Not too shabby. What did we get, 9 picks overall? I would have liked for us to get a Free Safety like Ko Simpson or Pat Watkins, a bigger stronside LB than Alston and O-Line depth. I'm sure between Raonall Smith, Chillar and Alston we'll find SOMEONE who can start opposite 'Spoon and Pisa.
    Hopefully we can address the O-line depth in the 7th round and maybe pick up guys off the street in June. I know we have Incognito and Saipaia and hopefully our coaching staff feels we're good to go at guard/Center, especially for 2007 and 2008. Plus Todd Steussie could end up playing at guard if Terrell doesn't git 'er done.

    We can always address those needs in the '07 Draft.

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    Re: Overall, Good Draft

    We have 2 more picks man

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    Re: Overall, Good Draft

    im liking the draft as a whole right about now... we've adressed our needs with some awesome players that all they did in college was put up numbers... the pick that im most excited about is byrd because he can be something special

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    Re: Overall, Good Draft

    I know that, but with just 7th-rd. Comp selections we're not likely to add anyone of great impact.

    I'd also like to add that I would have liked to see us draft Greg Blue, FS from Georgia. Decent competition for Atogwe, he's a good backup safety to begin with. In the 7th, I would've liked to see us trade up in the seventh, give up our 7th in 2007 and get Fred Matua from USC. I am sure he dropped this far for at least a couple of reasons but I think he'd be great for our offense.

    I love how aggressive the front office is aggressive all of a sudden! I can imagine Linehan prodding us at least a little bit in the trade of Manu, the trade-down for Tye Hill and other decisions. Linehan, Haslett, our assistant coaches and scouts have done a WONDERFUL job. I'd rate it overall as a B-plus, the only thing stopping it from being an A is the selection of the Virginia kid.

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    Re: Overall, Good Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by bruce4life
    im liking the draft as a whole right about now... we've adressed our needs with some awesome players that all they did in college was put up numbers... the pick that im most excited about is byrd because he can be something special
    I'd have to agree with you, I think he'd be the starter over frankenstein, but that's just my opinion, I'm not sure what their # differences are in regards to receiving, and blocking, but I'm most excited for Byrd.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Overall, Good Draft

    Honestly, I am really pleased with the draft. A couple of picks I initially wondered about, because I thought there were better players at the same positions than the ones we picked. Once I studied up a bit on our picks, though, I understand why the Rams made the moves they did.
    The trades? That was great....traded down, and still got the BPA for us that we would have gotten at #11. And, just to make it sweeter, we obtained another guy who might make a difference. Then there was the late 3rd round trade I missed until late last night...another good move. Add to that the Manu deal, and I know who I want to negotiate my financial dealings. (not really, I need money first.)
    Since Linehan and Hasslett have joined the Rams, there have been a lot of changes. I am really going to miss some of the guys we let go, but I understand why changes had to be made. The offense still has the potent weapons, and it looks like there is some planning for the future. The special teams needs are being addressed. The defense seems to have a revolving door in the locker room, and I'm not too sad about this. The defense was in desperate need of help, and the FA signings along with the draft have put the defense within reach of respectibility before the pre-season even begins.
    I'll admit the Tards did well, and should be improved over the next couple of years. I'm not worried. I see them as a team crawling out of the cellar to get up to average. The whiners...well, I am not sure they did much so far to help themselves. As far as I'm concerned, they need to pack up, move to L.A., and learn to deal with the reality that they have a long way to go. As far as Seattle is concerned, they did OK. I don't really see an improvement over 2005's team, I actually see a small loss. They will still be a force, but not a dominant one. I honestly think the Rams will surprise them this year, and the squawks will find out how it feels when every team in the NFL is aiming to take you down while you're that close to the top.

    Yeah, that means I'll make predictions based upon FA and the draft up to today.
    San Fancisco - 5-11
    Arizona - 7-9
    Seattle - 10-6
    Rams - 11-5

    And as to our draft grade....(and I am happy to do this for the very first time in my life as a Rams fan!)


    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Re: Overall, Good Draft

    GREATEST SHOW ON TURF ARE BACK!!!!!! I agree St. Louis Rams had 1 of the best drafts and free agency signings ever!!!


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