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Thread: PR Competition Might Motivate Rams

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    PR Competition Might Motivate Rams

    In St Louis, with just one major newspaper, it seems like our Professional sports teams try to one up one another all the time for headlines, in the way they wait to announce signings.

    Last week, the Blues made a big trade, acquiring a goalie they think can win them their first Stanley Cup. It's not really a pipe dream either, they have a great team, with guys like TJ Oshie and David Backus getting plenty of press in Sochi.

    Now you have the undisputed king of St Louis sports, and of all baseball in the NL, the Cardinals drop $50 million on Matt Carpenter, locking another key player long term.
    The Cardinals already dominate as a favorite to win the World Series, with one of the most talented teams in their long and storied history.

    Today, on the eve of free agency, the Cardinals dropped between $20 and $30 million on a 23 year old Cuban, Almedyes Diaz. He was scouted and sought by the Barves, Yankess, Twins and others, but the Cardinals stepped up and took that gamble, and they don't even need a shortstop for four years.

    That's how you stay the king. You need a power hitter, you sign Matt Holiday, a shortstop? You get Peralta.

    You do it smart, but when it comes down to big need, the Cardinals fill it.

    The Rams have next week, before the Cardinals come north and take over till October, to get some PR, some headlinhes, some free advertising fr ticket sales and luxury boxes.

    After that, they will get a week for the draft coverage to get some serious ink .

    If the Rams don't get a Jairus Byrd or Alteraun Verner, it's gonna be crickets, and criticism, till draft day, and things bet ter go perfect t here.

    This may all sound crazy to non St Louisans, but the folks her e know what I am saying is true. We've seen it too many years not to recognize it.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: PR Competition Might Motivate Rams

    While I'd like to see us sign Jairus Byrd, I certainly hope the Rams don't fall prey to something as insignificant as market competition, and go out an make a foolish signing to appease overzealous fans.

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    Re: PR Competition Might Motivate Rams


    I think you are focusing on the wrong topics.....if the Rams become a team that annually wins like the Cards have, the rest will fall into place....

    PR does not win games

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    Re: PR Competition Might Motivate Rams

    So either the Rams build a winner or the St Louis fans won't go to game? Also the cards built a winner then added pieces to put them over the top. They didn't build a team through free agency. The Rams are at the stage where they add complimentary pieces to their young players. We also are going to have a lot of young talent in a short time with big rookie deals expiring. If we go out in the next couple years and sign a bunch of high dollar free agents it will get to the point where the Rams will have to make decisions between their recent 1st round picks and free agents. The best thing the Rams, or any NFL team, can do is keep drafting smart. Hit on their picks and draft for areas of need with an eye to the future.
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    Re: PR Competition Might Motivate Rams

    The Blues and the Cards made personnel moves in their respective leagues, which has no bearing whatsoever on how the Rams actually play? GO SIGN ALL TEH PLAYARS!!!!!I!!11!!I!!

    Sorry Barry, but if the Rams make personnel decisions based on prospective headlines in the Post-Dispatch, I think it's time for me to move on with my fanhood.
    I believe!

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    Re: PR Competition Might Motivate Rams

    As a non Cardinal and Blues fan I could care less what they're up to. The RAMS need to have the same feeling. Headlines don't win games. Snead and Fisher are doing it right. Build through the draft and add a Free Agent here or there that makes sense.

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