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Thread: Panther fan here!

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    Matthias Guest

    Panther fan here!

    Hi guys, I'm a Panthers fan with a question for you.

    Let's say the Rams wind up with the second overall pick. Would you accept this trade?

    Panthers: 2012 1st (10-15th overall), 2013 1st, and 2014 1st

    Rams: 2012 1st (second overall)

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    Re: Panther fan here!

    I'd say the difference between you guys getting the 10th or 15th pick could make or break a deal like this.

    Is the consensus wanting Blackmon with that pick if the deals would be made?

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    Matthias Guest

    Re: Panther fan here!

    No, we don't need Blackmon. Most Panther fans want a defensive stud with our pick, but only Claiborne really entices me. Yet the purpose of this trade is to draft Kalil. We already have an awesome offense, if we drafted Kalil, it could be historically good.

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    Re: Panther fan here!

    I'd take it. Thats a nice offer. I mean, you guys are unreal. I think you should stay put and take Kirkpatrick or Claiborne, but yeah to answer your question. You guys got a sweet offense! Lafell, Gettis (injured), Smith, DWill, JStew, Newton, Olsen. There set.
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    Re: Panther fan here!

    Can you add your Offensive coach also? I love that coach and would love him as my head coach. I have always liked ron rivera and always felt he deserved a head coaching job. Your panthers are going to be wicked.

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    Matthias Guest

    Re: Panther fan here!

    I have a co-worker who's a fan of the Rams, and I felt bad for him when Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson suffered their share of injuries this year. Once you get those guys healthy next year, the Rams will be contenders again. With this trade, you can stock up picks, maybe trade up for Claiborne or Blackmon (finally replacing Torry Holt). And along with getting either Claiborne/Blackmon, perhaps you guys can draft Montee Ball, giving your team a solid 1-2 punch at running back.

    Finally, if say Mario Williams becomes a free agent (which is possible), you guys sign him and you have two studs at DE. I believe the Rams will once again become great. Of course if you get the number one overall pick, you will be able to strike up an even better trade with another team.

    Here's to seeing both the Panthers and the Rams back in the playoffs. (I'm still mad they haven't made our 2003-2004 playoff battle a "NFL's Greatest Games" documentary)
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    Re: Panther fan here!

    I live in Charlotte myself, and many of the fans here want defensive help & feel that is a huge need in addition to finding a WR to replace and/or complement Steve Smith who is getting older by the minute, so I don't see the Panthers drafting Kalil; I doubt that this trade will ever happen.

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    Re: Panther fan here!

    I would not take that trade because it doesn't do anything for us this year. Throw in your 2nd and 3rd this year and you've got a deal.

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    Re: Panther fan here!

    no way we take that deal. Basically we are going from a sure thing like Kalil or Blackmon. Both of whom should be elite level players for a decade plus to a position where we have no idea what we get. I don't think we trade down unless it's to someone else in the top 7 or 8. We need to get an immediate starter at LT or WR and there are very few of those in any draft.

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