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    Thumbs down Path to the draft

    Saw Path to the Draft last night. They were profiling the Rams pick. They had Nick Wagonner on. I really hope Nick is blowing smoke or misdirection and not really thinking the Rams are not going to draft who they think they are.

    He said the Rams first choice is Jake Long. If he is gone, it will be Glenn Dorsey.

    We don't need Jake Long and I feel Glenn Dorsey look like an injury waiting to happen plus it is not a need. Chris Long or Vernon Gholston should be the choice.

    Tell me he is letting out false information to try to get the Falcons to move up one spot to get Glenn Dorsey.

    If they pick Jake Long or Glenn Dorsey with Chris Long still on the board, I will be very pissed.

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    Re: Path to the draft

    I think the reasoning behind it is that we have our starting defensive ends from last year and so we aren't in critical need for an elite DE. The problem with that statement is that our defensive ends combine for what was it, 4 sacks? Our starting ends need to be replaced in a couple years anyway, why not grab one of the two elite ones while you can. Instead, the view is that you grab either a semi need offensive tackle who will either push your old Pace replacement out of a tackle job, or will not be playing tackle himself, which is stupid, or, you grab an elite Warren Sapp like guy who has a great future, don't get me wrong, but means that you displace your DT from last year's first round from his best spot. Oh and don't forget that he has a bone that may need to be broken so that it can heal properly.

    Don't think the Rams can't screw this up? Oh, they can. They can.

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