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Thread: People Seem To Have Short Memories

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    People Seem To Have Short Memories

    It's funny that even though the cap is $133 million, and set to go to $160 million by 2016, people are still talking about how the size of deals will cause a slow market.

    They are especially saying the Rams, with $15 million plus i cap room, will hust sit on their hands and pick up some late "bargains".

    After Brent Grimes and Sam Shields signed new deals to stay, everyone is saying the remaining corners will be out of teams like the Rams reach, and also Jairus Byrd.

    Has everyone forgotten that two years ago, with the cap at $121 million, the Rams signed a 28 year old cornerback, who may have been the best FA CB that year, but no where near the best in the NFL, with very limited upside, to a FIVE YEAR, $50 million deal.

    If they could pay Cortland Finnegan to a deal like that in 2012, with less cap room than they have now, a $10 million a year deal back THEN, how is such a deal NOW for a guy like Byrd or Vernon such a ridiculous price to pay?

    If the Rams want a guy, there is no doubt at all that they can do it .

    They paid Fiinegan $27 million for two years work, so don't tell me an impact player such as Byrd, or even a receiver like Nicks is "out of reach".

    Who would NOT rather have Jairus Byrd at $50 million for 5 years, over Rodger Saffold for $40 million?

    These teams are crying poor, hoping agents will blink, but it isn't gonna happen and here i why.

    Imagine a rival with similar cap numbers getting the guy you need, and that causes your team to miss the playoffs and that team to get in.

    It's a competetive deal, and as long as the owners will pay, and they have the dough, GMs and coaches, whose hobs depend on WINNING, not making sure no one ever gets overpaid will pay the market price.

    Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have been rebuilding two years now, so there is a lot of pressure to win now, and they have one of the richest owners, a guy that looks at $50 million as pocket change.

    He's worth 100 times that.

    Yea, the Rams can fill 7 or 8 roster holes in this draft, but three of them probably will be replaced next year if they even make the roster.

    Only three of those players drafted this year should start right away.

    They have starting holes at FS, CB, RT, LG, RG, OLB, and maybe WR.
    They are very thin at DT, LB, S.

    Sorry, but they can't fill those holes just with a draft, unless they get ver y very lucky with mid and late rounders, or find undrafted FA that can play right away.

    They could trade picks for veterans, but uually you get other teams garbage there.

    If the Rams are SERIOUS about winning in 2014 (And who needs to bring fans to their stadium more than the Rams? ) They have got to go after one or two of the very best free agents, in areas that would free up the draft for value picks, and get Jeff Fisher to do his usual recruiting job.

    Sure, you can save some money for a couple bargains, but they can't ignore the top player market, because many of their top rivals for the playoffs won't.

    It has been reported that the Rams DID talk to Byrd's agent yesterday, whi is encouraging.

    They also talked to Verner's guy.

    If teams like Detroit especially, get top CB as FA, it could drive the top college corner, Jusrtin Gilbert, to the Rams at pick #13.

    So hopefully if the Rams lose the free agent CB they want, it makes the draft more likley to have a good one for the Rams in round one and two.

    The second round safety market isn't great, so signing Byrd would help them not overreach for a safety at #13, allowing them to go WR, CB, or OT there if they go another way at #2.

    Adding a veteran bargain safety, CB or any other position would change nothing about the draft needs.

    The Rams don't need to spend $10 million on ten players in FA that maybe make the team.

    They have 9-11 roster holes MAX, depending who they bring back, like they have EFA Barnes and Veltung.

    That means many of their largesse of late picks won't have much chance to make the roster, barring injuries of course.

    If the Rams want to really compete, they are gonna have to dip their toes into these rough FA waters right away, because the teams playing it cool, are gonna jump in, and show that they were bluffing with everything they said publicly.

    They are staying quiet to create an appearance of a buyers market, but it will be anything but, because these owners will shell out the bucks year after year.

    They still make a fortune off these NFL teams, no matter what they "overpay".

    And the agents and players know this.

    And the owners look at empty seats and start blaming those GMs and coaches and team Presidents, and t hey know THIS.

    What better way to sell out than bring in a home town guy like Byrd. who also happens to be exactly what they need on the field.

    And if 2012 Cortland Finnegan is worth $50/5 with $27 million guaranteed, I'd say 2014 Jairus Byrd is worth that as well.

    You can buy an old Ford Fiesta for $500, and it kind of does what a new BMW 430 does, at 100 times the "cost", but if you are a billionaire, you'll pay the price to get the best.

    If not, your status among the rest of the people in your rich neighborhood is gonna get downgraded severely.

    Right now, despite a solid young team on the rise, the Rams Organization's PR is lousy.

    No national NFL analyst even mentions them making a play for anyone when they list teams going after the best FA. The even assume Saffold is gone, because the Rams won't pay or don't care.

    The Rams need to make some noise, and not just on draft day, and get fans excited.

    What would get them going is adding a J. Byrd, and a handful of other free agent additions at reasonable rates, "bargains" if you will.

    What would get them going is making it possible to draft one of the top two receivers in round one, as well as a top OT, after filling the FS hole with Bryd, and adding a second tier veteran CB, even one pushing 30.

    And what if they can fill holes where they could add stud OLB Khalil Mack with their first #1, and Mike Evans at #13 if it all falls right?
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: People Seem To Have Short Memories

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Waller View Post
    And if 2012 Cortland Finnegan is worth $50/5 with $27 million guaranteed, I'd say 2014 Jairus Byrd is worth that as well.
    This is where you went astray - No one believes Finnegan was worth $50 Million and the Rams just told us so.

    The Rams will due their DD and determine if it is better to draft a FS or CB at #13 and then in the 2nd or 3rd pick up the other guy if they think guys like Byrd are to expensive. History proves teams always overpay when dabbling in the F.A. market.

    Trading back is becoming so obvious that it may be difficult to do that anymore as draft picks in the higher rounds are like gold now. I do hope we can trade back somewhere and get another 2nd so we can go OT,FA,CB,OG in the first 2 rounds. Don't believe we will need a FA if we do. Thomas and Reid were not a reach and the ***** gave up a lot to get Reid.

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    Re: People Seem To Have Short Memories

    You also lose me when you say that a $50M contract means nothing to Snead because the owner happens to be uber-rich. Well, yes, he's uber-rich, but we also have something called a salary cap, which means that we still need to balance the budget and every dollar that is guaranteed is going to come out of that budget, sooner or later. If you just go and pay crazy amounts of money because something is shiny, then you're going to win about as much as if you only buy bargains.

    The Redskins have made a habit of being the big name on day one of the free agency period and, oh wow, they made the playoffs one year when they drafted RG3 and a really good late round running back who took advantage of defenses not knowing how to play. Other than that, they've had Carriker, Haynesworth, and a bunch of other free agent splashes that turned out to be belly flops.

    Have you ever heard the saying that if you buy a Jaguar, you need to buy two? It's because as flashy as they are, one's in the shop while you get to drive the other. Buying flashy things just because you're rich(which doesn't mean anything in the NFL salary cap era anyway), doesn't get you anywhere. You need to find players who will mesh with yours, and who will mesh with the scheme. It's about finding what fits you, not going out and getting the $50,000 beemer when you actually only need the $5000 minivan.

    Now, can we and should we sign Byrd? I actually agree. But I'm not going to blow the bank for him just because he's considered the top free agent. I want Snead to have his budget set up and to give him a fair deal. If he comes, he comes. If someone pays him $13M a year, then good luck to him.
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    Re: People Seem To Have Short Memories

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    Now, can we and should we sign Byrd? I actually agree. But I'm not going to blow the bank for him just because he's considered the top free agent. I want Snead to have his budget set up and to give him a fair deal. If he comes, he comes. If someone pays him $13M a year, then good luck to him.
    Agree, I wouldn't break the bank for Byrd but I would offer him 9-10 mil a year. The Rams haven't had a good safety since Aeneas Williams in the early 2000's, and even though he will cost a lot, having Jairus back there will make our whole secondary better. With Saffold most likely coming back I see no reason why the Rams couldn't afford him.

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    Re: People Seem To Have Short Memories

    Does anyone know how successful teams have been going after "breaking the bank" type players? I wonder how often it has significantly backfired, whether not getting what you paid for on the field and hurting the teams options in subsequent years. Be interesting to see the results.

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