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    Phat's Mock Draft.

    Ok I have put together a Little mock that is 2 rounds.. it may not be as good as Nick's, but I think this could happen.

    1. Miami Dolphins: Glenn Dorsey, DT,LSU
    The Miami Dolphins are an all around team that has had some serious struggles this year with both offense and defense alike. I believe that if their was a top tier receiver in this NFL draft they would have to go that route, but there isnít one. The only other way I see them going is in drafting either Jake Long or Chris Long in the NFL Draft. Jake Long is a very good O Lineman but that is one of the strongest parts of the Dolphins Team. Dorsey has had some injury problems this year so if they decide they want to go with a safer pick Chris Long has the leadership skills and talent to be a top tier defensive end like his father, Howie Long. Either way the Dolphins need to build through the NFL Draft if they want to progress as a team.

    2. St. Louis Rams: Jake Long,OT, Michigan
    The St. Louis Rams were expected to come into this season and have a much better performance then they did. There were a couple of injuries throughout the year that hurt them but all in all they just couldnít win games in the fourth quarter. Look for the Rams to improve their offensive line here to eventually replace the oft injured Orlando Pace. Long is a very good offensive lineman from Michigan that can get the job done every play. However, the Rams could potentially trade down to someone looking to get Darren McFadden and then take a WR to replace the aging Isaac Bruce. These guys could be good next year if they get things clicking look for them to turn things around and make the playoffs with all the talent that they have.

    3. Atlanta Falcons: Matthew Ryan,QB,Boston College

    The Falcons have had some hard times this year as an organization with Vick getting arrested and then having their newly acquired coach abandon them. In this draft pick I think that with what is left they will take a Quarterback. Matt Ryan seems to be the first QB taking in the 2008 NFL Draft. He has shown his arm strength and intelligence in his place at Boston College. However, if Jake Long was still available look for the Falcons to take a good look at him because they desperately need to improve the O-Line. But I say they Draft Matt Ryan however if Petrino was still their I would say they pick Brohm but I think Ryan is the better choice in this situation. Lastly, McFadden also is a possible choice here because Warrick Dunn is getting old but they still have a young Norwood that seems to be the future of their RBís.

    4. Oakland Raiders: Chris Long,DE,Virginia
    The Oakland Raiders had a ton of problems this year from QB to O-Line to wide receivers. I would say that the offense was the only problem but their defense was a big struggle as well. The Raiders have a lot of needs and the only one they have really taken care of is QB with Russell in last years draft. Look for the Raiders to draft the best available player in this slot because they need the best players they can get. McFadden and Long could also be taken here but long is gone and they need to improve their defense more than offense. Chris Long has been a leader on Virginia this year and is an outstanding defensive end. Look for Long to come in and make an initial impact on the Defense right away. He is going to me a much sought after player in this 2008 NFL Draft.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs: Sam Baker, OT, USC
    It is said that Ryan Clady out of Boise State is the top OT but I believe that Sam Baker is a better overall player even after his surgery. Look for Baker and Clady to both be in the top 15 because they are both good players and have played for big programs. The Chiefs also could go the McFadden route or also go with a QB in this situation but in the end they improve their offensive line to help their starter Larry Johnson

    6. New York Jets: Daren Mcfadden, RB, Arkansas
    In the NFL Draft the Jets need to improve their team as an overall team. I had previously said that WR would be the best move for the Jets in the NFL Draft but Kellen Clemens has come around and is a much better QB then Pennington. I donít think that he will be the long term solution for this team but he is a temporary replacement for the next couple years. Even though the Jets recently acquired Thomas Jones he is getting older and isnít a great running back. However, Leon Washington is a playmaker and if they decided not to get McFadden here it would be because of him. However, I believe that they will Draft McFadden because he is a player that is just to good to pass on. After looking at Adrian Petersonís impact on the Vikings McFadden is going to be a hot pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Look for other teams to try and trade up for him as well. If the Jets donít want him I am sure someone would be willing to trade up to this spot to pick him up.

    7. New England Patriots(*****): James Laurinaitis, MLB, Oh S
    People continually say the Patriots do not draft linebackers in the first round and they may not. But I really donít understand how they can pass up Laurinaitis who is a stud MLB from Ohio State. Their Linebackers are 30 and over another good choice might be a CB because Samuel is going into a free agent year. It is crazy that a team this good may get even better because of this draft pick. No matter who they choose it wonít matter because they are good enough already.

    8. Baltimore Ravens: Deshean Jackson. WR Cal
    I donít love this pick for Baltimore but I donít think the best pick for Baltimore is a QB. Everyone else has Brian Brohm or Andre Woodson going in this pick. Another pick could be Malcolm Kelly because he is a big receiver that can catch the short yardage pass. Also I think Troy Smith has been playing ok and managing the game pretty well. Therefore I think that Desean Jackson could be the right choice in this situation because he is a similar player to Ted Ginn Jr. and Troy Smith had a lot of success with Ted Ginn Jr.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
    The Bengals offense struggled throughout the entire season. They need to improve pretty much every defensive position on the field. If they can have a strong defensive NFL Draft the Bengals could also be a good team next year. They have all the offensive weapons you could hope for in TJ and Chad along with the newly available Chris Henry. Look for the Bengals to draft the bruiser Sedrick Ellis from USC to help them with their run defense and also to put some pressure onto the QB.

    10. New Orleans Saints: Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
    The New Orleans Saints picked up their offense in the latter part of the year making a run for the playoffs. The part of their team that kept them out of the playoffs was not their offense but their defense mainly the secondary. The Saints defense has been horrendous at times and not able to cover receivers in the safety or corner positions. Another great pick here would be Kenny Phillips the safety out of Miami who is also a great playmaker. If the Saints improve their defense in the draft then I think they will be a very good team next year and make the playoffs. The draft is very important and the Saints need to make good draft picks and they will be in the playoffs.

    11. Buffalo Bills: Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
    The NFL Draft has not been the best for the Bills in past years. I liked their draft last year and thought they made some good decisions to improve their offense and defense alike. Look for the Bills to give their new QB Edwards another offensive weapon. The key to this pick is having someone that can score in the redzone therefore they need to be over 5′10". Another pick I like for the Bills most likely in the second round is Davis out of USC. He is the number one TE in the Draft and if they can get him then they will have 2 Red Zone threats in Kelly and Davis and therefore I think they become an over 500 team and be even more in the playoff race. Furthermore, I think that these guys will also be a big help for Trent Edwards in being a starter in the NFL.

    12. Denver Broncos: Frank Okam, DT, Texas
    Frank Okam is a beast in the middle and is shown that he can stop the run as well as put pressure on the QB. Okam is projected a little lower in some other drafts but he is a big body that can help stop the run which is very important for the Broncos. Their offense is pretty strong but maybe a receiver, DE, or Corner in this position are also other possibilities.

    13. Carolina Panthers: Kenny Phillips, S, Miami
    The Panthers have struggled all year at the QB position and that is a very viable option here. I think if they wait they will be able to get Colt Brennan or someone else in the 2nd or 3rd round. Kenny Phillips is an awesome athlete and could go much higher then this depending on other team needs. Look for them to either take a QB or a top defensive player in this slot.
    14. Chicago Bears: Andre Woodson,QB,Kentucky
    The Chicago Bears have struggled all year as well with their QB situation. They have one of the best weapons in the league if not the best with Devin Hester. Secondly, the Bears also need some other offensive weapons such as O-Line, RBís, and WRís. Their offense pretty much is their special teams but I say they take a strong confident QB in Andre Woodson. Look for the Bears to use the 2008 NFL Draft to improve their offense in the early rounds.

    15. Detroit Lions: Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.
    Look for the Lions to pick defense here most likely. However, I think Ryan Clady is a top 10 pick because of his speed and size. Therefore, the Lions take him to protect their QBís for the next 10 years and help with strong run blocking. Another very viable pick would be Calais Campbell or Vernon Gholston because the Lions were looking for a DE last year before they decided to take another WR. Look for the Lions to either take DE in the first or second round. I like Clady here because he is a great lineman and will be a good player for the next decade.

    16. Arizona Cardinals: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State
    The Cardinals need to help their defense because they have struggled on defense and putting pressure on the opponents QB. Look for Gholston to come in and pressure the QB and help with the run as well. Another good pick here would be Calais Campbell the 6′8" monster from Miami who can disrupt other QBís throwing lines with his long arms. I think the Cardinals draft the best possible defensive need and in this situation Vernon is that player.

    17. Minnesota Vikings: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
    The Vikings Defense has been very good this year and has been able to help win them a lot of games. Their offensive line has been spectacular at times and we all know that Adrian Peterson is amazing as well. So the Vikings either need to replace Receivers in this draft or the QB. At the end of the year Sydney Rice started to step up and make some plays for the Vikings and they still have Troy Williamson the bust from a couple years ago. So I think the Vikings take Brohm if he is still available. Tavaris Jackson had a couple good games but mostly struggled the entire season. Look for Brohm to be a QB that can not only throw but can also manage a game and not turn the ball over like Tavaris so often does.
    18. Houston Texans: Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
    Jonathan Stewart ending the season ok but not as strong as he was when he has his dual threat Dennis Dixon. Look for Stewart to be a power RB in the NFL similar style to a Shaun Alexander because of his combination of size and speed. Overall the Texans have a pretty decent offense but not really a strong RB. So look for them to take RB or a defensive need other than DE because Mario Williams stepped it up this year!
    19. Philadelphia Eagles: Gosder Cherilus, OT, BC
    The Eagles didnít do a poor job and run blocking this year and they did a very good job blocking for screens. However, if they want to keep Mcnabb healthy or Kolb then they better protect the QB when they are trying to throw the ball. The Eagles let up sack after sack in the G MEN game and they need to do something to counter this weakness. Another choice here would be Otah but I am not sure if he is athletic enough to fill this role and be a productive pass blocker.
    20. Dallas Cowboys: Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas
    The Cowboys most likely are letting go Jones this year because his contract is up. Secondly Felix Jones played with McFadden in college and is used to running in a dual back system. Jones is a very fast receiver and is a top 5 RB in the 2008 NFL Draft. Look for the cowboys to either take the best available RB here or the best available DB.
    21. Tampa Bay Bucs: Mario Manningham, WR, MI
    The Bucs receivers played very well this year but they are very very old. Look for the Bucs to take the best WR available in this slot. I am not sure but Manningham has played very well lately so look for him to go mid to late first round. Also look at prospects like Early Doucet, Limas Sweed, and Adarius Bowman in this slot.
    22. Washington Redskins: Calais Campbell, DE, Miami
    In this spot Campbell is a great pick for the Redskins. In their playoff game they struggled to get to Hasselback and pressure him and Calais could be the perfect person for this job. He is a massive individual at 6′8" and he is a good all around player so look for the Skins to Draft him here if he already isnít drafted.
    23. Tennessee Titans: Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
    I think that the Titans have to take the best tall receiver available at their first round pick. In this situation Doucet and Bowman both might be better overall receivers but Sweed has played with Vince before so they go with Sweed. Another pick I would like in this situation would be James Hardy from Indiana because of the big target he can give Vince.
    24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jeff Otah, OT, PITT
    The Steelers need some more strength at their line for protection and run alike so look for them to take the best O-Lineman here. The Steelers then decide to take their hometown boy from Pitt Otah. Otah is a very big player so look for him to either lose a little weight and speed up or get moved to the interior of the offensive line.
    25. Seattle Seahawks: Ray Rice,RB,Rutgers
    Ray Rice seems to not be ranked as high as some other RBís coming into this draft but I disagree. I think that Rice will be taken in the first round because of his professional level speed. He replaced Brian Leonard in Rutgers who was a second round pick last year so look for him to be drafted earlier then that. The Seahawks could use him right away sharing time as a change of pace back and potentially the main RB.
    26. Jacksonville Jaguars: Adarius Bowman, WR, Ok St
    The Jaguars have looked really good in the playoffs so far. Their QB was very impressive and I will continue to say Del Rio looks like the smartest coach in the league for getting rid of Byron. Look for the Jags to help improve their so so receiving core with this tall agile and fast receiver.
    27. Dallas Cowboys: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
    Everyone knows the Cowboys Defense is their weakness so they need to use at least one of their picks to help improve it. Their are a top tier team but they need to improve their secondary and Talib could come in and do this right away. If they get good quality with their earlier draft pick the Cowboys may take a CB their and take the best RB available here.
    28. New York Giants: Antoine Cason, CB, AZ
    The Giants looked very good in their first playoff game. Their receiving core is getting up their in age but I believe they will address that in the second and third round. Look for the Giants to take Cason if he is still available to help their much improved defense.
    29. San Diego Chargers: Pat Sims*, DT, AU
    The Chargers gave up the most rushing yards in a single game to Adrian Peterson. Therefore, look for them to take a big DT to help stop this run. Sims is not only over 300 lbs but he can also run a sub 5 second 40 yard dash. This guy is just a junior but if he declares look for him to be a first round choice.
    30. San Francisco *****(Colts): James Hardy, WR, IU
    The ***** offense was very weak this year and solely relied on Frank Gore to carry the team. Alex Smith needs some more weapons to work with and James Hardy is the perfect player to draft to help a QB move forward in the passing game. Hardy is a very tall receiver with great hands.
    31. Green Bay Packers: Dejaun Tribble, CB, BC
    The Packers corners are both over 30 years old. The receivers are young and Favre is young at heart so the Packers decide to draft a CB to add some youth to their team. Overall this team will be good in the future with a young receiving group and a good backup QB for the future.

    32. pic Forfeited.. Patriots.

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    PHAT-MONEY Guest

    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    I made A Mistake on Jake Long, he is an OT From Michigan.. It wont let me edit, so i thought I would Let you know.

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    PHAT-MONEY Guest

    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    The 2nd Round will Be added Later. again, It wont let me edit so i can't edit this into my mock or the other post.

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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    Phat nice effort, what would our starting O line look like in 08?

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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    Jake Long say it aint so. Huge mistake drafting that guy second over all. There are plenty of good o-lineman to be had in free agency and later in the draft. To draft Jake the Mistake Long would be ignoring our greater needs. The o-line was in shambles because of the large number of injuries. We can find o-line guys later we need an impact player not an o-line backup with the second pick.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    I edited the Rams' pick for you since you said you weren't able to.

    Personally I'd much rather have Chris Long in round one, because I think you can come back later on the first day and take a quality tackle. For instance, it appears Chris Williams will be available in round two for us based on your projection.

    There are some player values that I disagree with here. Baker @ 5, Jackson @ 8, Okam @ 12, Rice @ 25, Tribble @ 31 seem way too high to me. Gholston @ 16 to Arizona seems low.

    You have Malcolm Jenkins to the Saints, but he decided to stay in school.

    Other than that, solid mock.

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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    He also has James Laurinitis to the Patriots, but last I heard he too has decided to stay in school.


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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    James is staying, officially.

    I don't think the Raiders would pass on Mcfadden. He would definitely help take the load off of their young QBs shoulders.

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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    i have been working on this for awhile, i forgot to take out malcolm jenkins and james lauranitis. my 2nd round wont have any mistakes Promise.. Thanks Nick For Changing my Jake Long Pic.. My computer was being slow and i couldnt edit anything...

    as for the O-line I wouldnt mind this.
    If pace comes back.

    LT. Orlando Pace
    LG. Mark Setterstrom
    C. Brett Romberg
    RG. Richie Incognito
    RT Alex Barron

    If He doesnt and we cut him.

    LT.Jake Long
    LG.Mark Setterstrom
    C.Brett Romberg
    RG.Richie Incognito
    RT.Alex Barron

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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    Well, if Pace retires, then I think we pretty much have to take Jake Long. I don't see how we would pass on him in that situation.

    I really hope he comes back, and he's healthy. He's not that old in O-Lineman years. There are many older OTs out there.

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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    As long as Miami does not pick him, Rams have to take Chris Long at #2.

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    Re: Phat's Mock Draft.

    I think you meant Chris Long the DE from Virgina

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