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    PLEASE! Free Agency "Could" Start at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

    Per rotoworld

    The NFL is reportedly preparing for the possibility that free agency and trades could be allowed by midnight tonight.
    A source tells that the league has "braced" for a ruling from Judge David Doty that would "force the doors to remain open." It's hard to imagine all owners dealing for and signing the players they're set to battle in court, but there are some aggressive owners (Jerry Jones? Dan Snyder?) we wouldn't bet against doing it. As PFT's Mike Florio suggests, "by tomorrow at this time ... Nnamdi Asomugha could (key word, could) have a new team."
    Maybe decertification isn't that bad after all?

    If it gets the off-season rolling as it normally would, thank you De Smith.

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    Re: PLEASE! Free Agency "Could" Start at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

    Awesome! Too bad teams will still be afraid to attack free agents like that. Just get the CBA done and resolve all the issues. Though, I wouldn't mind free agency starting at all!

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    Re: PLEASE! Free Agency "Could" Start at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

    And yet...

    According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, free agency is likely "at least a month away."

    There was concern free agency would start immediately at midnight, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Other reporters claim free agency and trades could start as soon as Monday, though Schefter is easily the most trustworthy. Regardless, we all should be able to get in a good night of sleep tonight.
    So I wouldn't hold your breath.

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