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Thread: please take suh

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    please take suh

    this is the first time i have fallen in love with a player, ive watched his highlights both juinor and senior year, and i wonder, how the hell did no one know about this guy his juinor year. if mccoy was an all american sophmore year with 6 sacks 13 tackles for loss and one interception, why wasnt suh an all american his juinor year if suh had 7.5 sacks, 19.5 tackles for loss 3 passes blocked 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns, 3 touchdowns and 1 blocked kick?

    YouTube - Ndamukong Suh Heisman Highlights
    sums up his senior year

    almost sums up his entire career, (missed some key tackles and plays)
    YouTube - Ndamukong Suh Tribute

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    Re: please take suh

    Nobody's denying that Suh is good. Maybe the best DT to come along in a very long time. But the bottom line is that the state of our nation is that right now, we could use a QB just as much as we could use a monster at DT. When you draft a Quarterback, you're drafting a new face for your franchise. You're more or less putting the next five years of your franchise in the hands of one player. You're drafting hope and you're drafting to begin a new era.

    In my opinion, that era doesn't begin until the Rams draft a QB. There are new faces everywhere. The past twelve months really have been a case of out with the old and in with the new. But we're devoid of that one face to encapsulate them all. Until the Rams draft a QB, they're devoid of direction and devoid of a forseeably bright future. In this day and age, teams don't win without an established QB under centre.

    Trent Dilfer might be the exception that proves the rule, but even he was consistent enough not to make mistakes. The defense and the running game did indeed take care of the rest, but it wasn't going to happen without Dilfer at QB. In case you'd forgotten, the Ravens starting QB to begin the 2000 season was Tony Banks.

    I'd love to see Suh as a Ram. I personally think he's the BPA in this draft and probably would be so in just about any draft of the past five years. Maybe Calvin Johnson was a better purported pro. Lucky Detroit. But for the sake of the long term future of this franchise, for the hope and salvation of its fans, I think the Rams need to take Bradford. In terms of BPA status, he's not that far off. If his shoulder wasn't hurt last season I don't think there would be any question in the matter. Spagnuolo and Devaney are going to put a new face on this franchise come April 22. As wonderful as Suh is, I think that face needs to be Sam Bradford.

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    Re: please take suh

    i really hope that when the rams pick bradford that all the suh fans just go and follow the team he lands with.... cuz i anticipate this site to be flooded with whiners all year around ....wont be surprised if the site crashes....

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    Re: please take suh

    I think Suh is fantastic... Most here do. You'll be hard-pressed to find a bigger pro-Suh contingent than right here @ clanram.

    Having said that, I think we need Bradford more than we need Suh. He's the fit, and think he'll likely be the pick.

    That's no knock on Suh. He's going to be a great DT.


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