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    keith m. klink Guest

    Positions of most need. rds 1-7 .

    Already there is some thought on who gets picked first or what position would merit that pick . so lets hear from all of you and why YOU think this position should be filled with which pick in which round.

    Most everyone has said: Andre Smith -OT #2 pick 1st rd.
    AS for me , at this time i 'm leaning CRABTREE #2 .
    So is WR a good pick OL- LB -DT( noooooooo) .

    Here is mine as of 12-30-08:

    1. Safety- O.J. could do so much more with another scarry hitter.

    2. Quarterback- Either trade BULGER and do a new franchise QB or draft a starter in training , but either way we need another arm. ( I mean A R M )

    3. Fullback- Jackson had his best day when he was LED by an escort.

    4. D-Tackle - Glover should find his way out now and fill it with a monster,

    5. D-end - with LITTLE and HALL the vets , V.A and C.LONG have shown growth , another youngster should definetly be brought in .

    6. O-Tackle - PACE is not ready to give it up , so if you want ANDRE with pick #2 in round 1 , you better find a buyer for PACE , unless he or BARRON get moved to G for INCOGNITO who will more than likely be gone .

    7. Center - I really think that the rams should find that HOF type center to stablize that line . either get SETTERSTROM in there or draft a kid but do it.

    As you see this is where i think the most important needs are in my world. i did not mention CB's for the fact that alot of our backfield ran into injuries often and early , but is still a very young unit. Also i fel the guard position was solidified with GRECO and SCHUENNING joining up with BELL -INCOGNITOand SETTERSTROM.
    BUT why no WR in the top 7 , because we really don't have to have one to live , but a CRABTREE i think would make this team ALIVE .

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    Re: Positions of most need. rds 1-7 .

    Rd.1-OT, we need to strengthen the OL. Having a franchise tackle would add much needed stability to our line & allow us to at least look at moving Barron inside to create a monster line.

    Rd.2-MLB, Flat out we need a thumper here, a mean nasty tackling machine.

    Rd.3-4-5-SS,QB,C-best player available at one of these positions

    Rd.6-7-FB,DT, Looking for a diamond in the rough in the last 2 rounds at either position

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    Re: Positions of most need. rds 1-7 .

    The only reason i would take crabtree is to prevent the seahawks from taking him. Something in my gut tells me that this kid is going to torch us twice a year for the next ten years, and laugh all the way to the end zone because we passed on him in April.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Positions of most need. rds 1-7 .

    The way I see it

    Round 1 - Andre Smith.
    Hands down, the best player available to us. We need to get younger and we need to get a replacement for Pace. Also, we could use a new face on this line. Andre Smith is the answer.

    Round 2, 3, 4 - MLB, SS, C.
    These three rounds will be interesting. I say we get the best players available when we pick. If a MLB is the best player available then we pick, if its a SS, then go for that. Same for center. I really see us snagging a center being that might be the best player available when we pick.

    Round 5 - Quarter back.
    This is where we pick up the QB of the future for Bulger. We have four IMMEDIATE needs over a QB right now. However, the QB of the future is something we need to look at. Round five should have a few options available.

    Round 6 - Fullback.
    Jackson needs a fullback. I'm MORE than sure that we are capable of picking up our full time fullback in this round.

    Round 7 - Run stopping defensive tackle.
    It's time we add a true fat boy. Someone to plug the holes and stop that run.

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