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    Possible 2010 Uncapped year

    I will absolutely vomit. The MLB is the apitimy of why the NFL could never go uncapped, because there have been rumors of it being uncapped...its the thing i hate most about baseball the best teams (i.e. the Yankees and Red Sox) get EVERY free agent, and thats why teams like the royals suck year after year because the red sox and yanks have the most $ and they just over pay free agents and players...if the nfl was uncapped teams like the dolphins falcons etc wouldnt have been able to turn it around like they did. Our Rams would never get good, because we won't be able to compete with teams like the Cowboys, Steelers, Pats, etc. Whenever Goodell mentions it my skin curls ESPECIALLY because this offseason we have the third most money

    Goodell can not make the nfl uncapped!

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    Re: Possible 2010 Uncapped year

    I would like to see a system where the positions are also capped so we can, sorry for sounding like Obama, share the wealth a little bit with all of the players.

    I hate how analysts, announcers, coaches and players spew the importance of team play but then watch the elite positions get paid millions and millions while the grunts in the trenches get a lot less.
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    Re: Possible 2010 Uncapped year

    I don't see any way the owners allow an uncapped year. The union will get some big fish thrown their way to sign off on a new cap agreement.

    The owners ain't lettin' that genie out of that bottle.

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