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That's an easy answer. None.
Not so fast my friend. That answer may be a little more difficult than you thought.

The following are all starters at LT for their respective teams ( playoff and superbowl contending teams too, I might add). And believe it or not, not one of them were drafted in the 1st round.

My Point? You'd be hard-pressed trying to convince me we have to take a LT with the second pick.

Let's take a looksee, shall we?

Tony Ugoh (Colts) 2nd rounder, Flozell Adams (Cowboys) 2nd round, Khalif Barnes (Jags/Raiders) 2nd round, Michael Roos (Titans) 2nd round, Matt Light (Patriots) 2nd round, shall I go on? OK

Marcus McNeil (Chargers) a 2nd rounder, Chad Clifton (Packers) you guessed it, 2nd rd, anybody catching my drift?

Mike Gandy (NFC Representative in the superbowl), drafted in the 3rd round, Max Starks (Superbowl Champion Steelers), 3rd rounder, David Deihl (Previous Superbowl Champion Giants) taken in the 5th round. Jared Gaither (Ravens) a 5th rounder. Donald Penn (TB) was not drafted, and last but not least, 2-time Probowler seeking to be the highest paid LT in the game Jason Peters was not drafted.

Each one of these guys protected QBs for teams who contended for a playoff spot at least one of the last two years. Pretty impressive huh?

There are those here on this board who have said our chances of finding a top notch LT outside of the 1st round are slim and none. Well, they may be slim, but certainly not none. The afore mentioned list of players prove that.

Our scouting team just needs to be dilligent and leave no stone left unturned and we can walk away with both the best player in the draft and a starting LT.