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    Post Cirtisism, Post Hargrove trade Mock. Descprition Later

    2nd and 2 Days I know, I'm going to try, for once a non homerism, and best accuracy mock draft.

    Round 1. Pick 23 Gaines Adams, Defensive End, Clemson

    Round 2. Pick 23 Aaron Rouse, Safety, Virginia Tech

    Round 3. Pick 23 Prescott Burgess, Outside Linebacker, Michigan

    Round 4. Pick 23 Jarrett Hicks, Wide Reciever, Georgia Tech

    Round 5. Pick 10 Jake Kuresa, Offensive Guard, B.Y.U.

    Round 5. Pick 23 Lester Ricard, Quarterback, Tulane

    Round 6. Pick 23 DeShawn Wynn, Runningback, Flordia

    Round 7. Pick 23 William Gay, Cornerback, Louisville

    Comments. I'll write reasoning later.

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    Re: Post Cirtisism, Post Hargrove trade Mock. Descprition Later

    Honestly I don't think Adams or Rouse are available where you have them, and I'm not convinced I even want Rouse with his penchant for personal fouls this season. Burgess is an interesting SAM linebacker prospect but I'm not entirely convinced he's a Day One prospect at this point. I definitely think we need to go OL before WR, so I'm not a huge fan of the Hicks pick. He may not even be available there anyways. Kuresa is an interesting choice, because there were rumblings he may have declarde early last year. Not sure how much pro potential he has, but he's a big guy with experience at multiple positions. Ricard is okay, but consistency is an issue. Pretty sure he was benched at one point last year, though he's looked solid this season. Not sure if Wynn is there in the sixth, but he could be a decent option for the Rams between the tackles spelling Jackson. Health is a concern but maybe not so much if he's in a situational role at best. Gay is probably as good as you're going to get late second day. Overall not bad, but value and availability remains an issue for me.

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    Re: Post Cirtisism, Post Hargrove trade Mock. Descprition Later

    Gaines Adams, again, my friend, wishfful thinking. He'll be gone way earlier, IMO. Really well done otherwise. I'd love it if Adams fell. I think you're right with DE as our No1 priority.

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    Re: Post Cirtisism, Post Hargrove trade Mock. Descprition Later

    If only Adams would be around when we pick. He's precisely the kind of player we need on defense.


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