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Thread: Post Draft Blues

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    Post Draft Blues

    I loved watching who we would pick the excitement and sometimes disappointment of seeing a player you want come off the board. The utter thrill of getting someone you had thought was no chance of being there yet they were and we got him.

    I see the draft a lot like Christmas. There is the countless debate and wonder of what present we will get under the tree. What is the big one in the back, the long one in the front. Then there's the going to see the lights of other homes to get you in the spirit, in this sense going to other sites to see what they think might happen.

    The night before you can't sleep you are giddy thinking of the possibilities. Then the next day you show up in your pjs jumping up in down. You get to share the moment with your friends and family the excitement of opening the first present, of course after your annoying cousin gets to open his first.

    Then it happens, you open it and its great. Then your family gets to open theirs and its your turn again, OMG I can't believe what I got!!! This goes through the morning over two to three breaks to get some cookies and talk about what you gotten so far. Then the last gift is open and everyone is talking about how proud you are that you accepted a cool gift. Then for the next few hours you play with your new toys and talk about how cool they are with all your friends.

    Then however comes the next day. Even though you have your new toys the excitement leading up to it is gone. Your parents are starting to clean up and take down the decorations, there is nothing to read about it. Nothing to share about what you will get. Granted in a few weeks you will get to play with your toys with your friends when Christmas break is over and have some cool playtime later then that but in the meantime there seems to be something missing.

    I can't wait for the "Christmas break" to be over so I can see the toys being used and then get to see them play with your friends toys and find out who will have the coolest toys.

    Am I alone in this or does anyone else have this feeling?
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    Re: Post Draft Blues

    Might some say you have Postdraftum Depression?............I'll show myself out

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    Re: Post Draft Blues

    Lol ATL

    It took me about as long to start looking for 2015 drafts as it took to pour a glass of orange juice to drink while browsing.

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    Re: Post Draft Blues

    Good analogy Turbo. And I'm right there too.

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